Consumers’ demand for green materials for home improvement materials, the pursuit of personalized products, and the pursuit of overall decorative style are the driving forces behind the steady development of the new industry of plastic wood ecological Deck. It is precisely because of this that the ecological wood industry has been able to improve and Stable and long-term development. First, green eco-wood panels are more popular among consumers. Whether it is a personalized home environment or a holistic home style, the ultimate pursuit of consumers is to improve the quality of life, which is influenced by both internal cultural factors and external factors. In recent years, the concept of green and healthy life has been deeply understood and convinced. The characteristics of ecological wood, such as aldehyde-free, anti-fouling, waterproof, anti-mite, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation and so on, make it widely used in many fields and places. The reputation of the word is getting better and better, and it has gradually gained the trust of consumers. Second, young people are increasingly having their own personalities. Similarly, home furnishings are also demanding, and original products with ecological wood personality are more sought after. The improvement of people’s consumption level is driving the rapid rise of personalized ecological wood-plastic materials. Third, the overall decoration style of the home is popular, combining the overall style of the home. For individual household accessories, no matter how beautiful, more valuable, and more tasteful, they can’t be separated from the overall design style of the whole home. For example, if your home is very simple, then you can use one or two home accessories with a strong design sense to play the role of decoration. Similarly, your decoration is very luxurious, you can choose simply the decoration. Consumers’ requirements for home environmental protection determine the direction of the pace of the wood-plastic eco-wood industry. It is currently in the rising period of the ecological wood market, and it has unlimited development potential.