WPC guardrail has good anti-pollution performance
Seven Trust’s WPC fence products have been designed with closed surfaces that provide greater resistance to leaks and stains. However, as with any outdoor fence surface, regular cleaning and proper care are required to ensure that the fence remains beautiful for many years. WPC guardrail has good anti-pollution performance No debris, making sure leaves and other debris are swept out of the fence will minimize the need to clean the fence. Use normal washing water and a gentle brush to remove dust and debris. Ordinary household detergents can also be added to water without damaging the fence.
Outdoor fence cleaning is very simple
It is recommended to use pressure washers to increase the intensity of cleaning for more thorough cleaning. Narrow jets are most effective. To avoid damage to the fence surface, the pressure should be in the middle range (no more than 80bar), and the distance between the nozzle and the plate should be at least 35cm. The temperature of the water should not higher than 40 ° C. The fence should first be sprayed with a detergent solution, then gently brushed, and finally rinsed with the spray. Cleaning materials and cleaning agent only spray cleaning agent, warm water and detergent, medium hardness brush. Do not use a scrubber (sponge or mat) as it may damage the surface of the fence. Outdoor fence cleaning is very simple As the outdoor wood-plastic fence uses closed surface technology, oil and grease can usually be cleaned without dying. These spills should be removed as soon as possible and the surface cleaned with warm water and detergent (preferably within 3 hours). If oil stains are still present, remove them with a household degreaser. The fence should be thoroughly rinsed after washing with warm water.
Clean the fence to avoid debris such as falling leaves
Mould or mildew Mould and mildew occur naturally on damp surfaces which contain plant-based materials (leaves, pollen, seeds, etc.). Mould will grow on untreated wooden fences or traditional compound fences with open surfaces (unless microbicides are used). Outdoor wood-plastic fences and piazza contain no fungicides but have a closed surface that minimizes mould growth. The life cycle of the Seven Trust enclosures is associated with having a closed surface and mild fungicides to inhibit mould growth. However, it is important that fence boards are kept free from leaves and other garden debris with which mould could develop. This allows the outdoor fence to be used for longer life.