Seven Trust‘s quality synthetic teak decking is highly resilient against the elements, UV-stable and looks just like real teak wood. Our network of distributors spans the globe with Seven Trust synthetic teak decking currently available in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. The versatility of our boat decking has been proven over time in unique installations. The material is made out of the highest quality raw materials and is produced under strict manufacturing processes which ensure top quality and durable finished product. The material has evolved in both qualities, looks, number of profiles available and even different colour options. The sales of our boat decking material increased steadily and for this, we would like to thank all our customers. Non-Slip Synthetic Teak Decking Material
What is Synthetic Teak Decking
We can say that in a way, Synthetic boat teak is upgraded wood decking. Synthetic Teak Decking is a modern way to get the same aesthetic look and feel of traditional Teak Decking but without the cost and time involved. We know how much work is required to keep a real wood teak deck looking good. With Seven Trust teak boat decking we promise you that you will be spending more time enjoying your boat rather than spending time on maintenance as our material is virtually maintenance free.
Non-Slip composite Decking material
Our non-slip composite boat decking material looks and feels like high-quality natural teak. The graining is indistinguishable from its traditional wood forerunner and features benefits unmatched by wood.
Fully UV Stabilized Marine Boat Decking
Our marine boat decking is fully UV stabilized as it has built-in UV inhibitors and non-migrating plasticizers which holds up to the sun and marine environments year after year. It will not lose its good looks to the harsh conditions and sunlight. This makes it one of the best boat decking materials on the market. It will not fade, crack or turn grey and requires no oiling, staining, varnishing or scraping. It is virtually maintenance free.
Good Stability of Synthetic Teak Decking Installation
We are convinced that we have the best, natural looking boat decking with the Best Bottom Design! The inverted ‘T’ bottom design ensures the best possible adherence to any deck or surface. Once the adhesive cures, the decking will be very hard to come to lose. Make sure to compare before you decide which material to install as this will save you expensive repairs if the decking material is bonded properly to your deck. Seven Trust synthetic teak decking
Advantages of Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats
  1. Our Boat Decking comes with tongue and groove system. The joint is designed for easy alignment which makes for easier application.
  2. Ease of installation reduces greatly or even eliminates costly installation costs.
  3. Material cost much less than real Teak wood.
  4. Colour retention is excellent – Does not fade and requires almost no maintenance.
  5. Our Boat decking has excellent non-slip properties, even when wet.
  6. You can repair minor scratches using a simple procedure.
  7. No regular oiling or sanding is required. The composite teak will continue to look great year after year.
  8. The material is flexible and easy to bend by using a heat gun.
  9. Improves soundproofing on your boat or Yacht.
  10. Easily cleaned with just Soap and Water.
  11. Our material has been around for many years and has a proven track record.