With the improvement of people’s living standards, the environmental requirements for accommodation have been gradually improved. The environmental protection of building materials has also attracted the attention of many users. People are also getting tired of staying in the reinforced concrete buildings for a long time. People are eager for the environment with birds, flowers, woodland and artificial facilities. They hope that they can relax in the natural environment more in their spare time. As a result, the outdoor new building materials of wood plastic type are more and more loved by people. The wood plastic composite material has developed a wider range of activities and environment, giving play to its excellent properties. In the development of new materials and new technology systems, both the size of the technical environmental burden and the degree of environmental pollution of materials themselves should be taken into account, as well as the traditional performance when materials are used. At this point, wood plastic composite materials and traditional materials are the same. Outdoor building decoration and decoration materials generally refer to the materials required for the decoration of outdoor walls, deck and courtyards and the beautification of the outdoor environment after the main structure project is completed. In addition to the functionality required by certain use requirements, environmental protection and novelty are the basic requirements. Architectural decoration and decoration materials are new materials integrating technology, modelling, design, colour and aesthetics. In people’s impression, the outdoor building material is to foil the scenery that gives a garden or simply blend oneself in among them, wood plastic composite material, gift outdoor building material a new concept, make outdoors landscape extremely rich natural and contemporary feeling. The building exterior wall that resembles wood plastic, outdoors floor, corridor wears are applied most. Like gardens and courtyards that are closely connected with natural ecology, the buildings are generally scattered on different levels and in an orderly way with diversified materials, reflecting different textures and pleasing to the eye. If you want to create the waterscape in the courtyard and the landscaped pool, the natural landscape, such as the lawn and woodland formed by the landscaping, and the artificial carved corridor frame, flower box, fountain, arch bridge, sculpture, etc. Let you in between the ups and downs in nature, easily create a modern sense of the top landscape matching. As an outdoor building material, the requirements for living in complex and changeable weather and strong temperature change are very high. Therefore, it is necessary to have strong stability and weather resistance. First of all, the wood plastic plate is not afraid of outdoor rain and snow scour and temperature strong changes in the strict environment will not fade and deformation; Secondly, wood plastic has a long life, and it has a strong corrosion-resistant property outside. In the humid and rainy environment, it will not breed bacteria and insects. Again, wood plastic has a strong compressive performance, such as outdoor flooring durable, not afraid of the weight of the past; In addition, wood plastic has high environmental performance, good integration with nature, and easy to recycle. As a professional manufacturer of wood-plastic products, Shanghai Seven Trust Industrial co., Ltd. has its own understanding and research on the quality of products and the integration degree of living environment. And through constant experiments to develop the ideal environmental protection effect of outdoor decorative materials products, I believe you will find your favourite products here.