Do you also want to face the sea, the foreign room attic, the environment elegant, decorates the luxurious residence? Do also want to do delicate adornment to his home, from inside to outside structure acme want best most perfect. A lot of people can choose the wooden board to lay the metope outside the building structure, include corridor, garden to wait, choose wooden material environmental protection is novel, stick to nature original ecology.

But in today’s environment, where is there so much wood for you to use? So a lot of people put the eyeball on concomitant wood, the plastic wood core layer, not only stick to the natural wood grain effect, and the price is not high also. However, more and more problems are found in the later tracking. As the primary products have no protective layer, they are exposed to the environment and are corroded by ultraviolet rays, water and bacteria. Problems such as fading, mildew, cracking, fracture and scratch appear. Based on these problems and the urgent demand of the market, the new generation of extruded wood plastic was developed.

This co-extrusion does not have a 360 – degree full protective cover, including a slot. There are also strict requirements on the production process. This new co-extrusion wood can resist scratches, pollution, no need to brush paint, no harmful gas, no fading over time, such as new general, and low maintenance costs, saving time. Like this kind of new craft compaction model wood, the exterior processing is closest to real wood outdoor compaction model wood floor, environmental protection respect also is the detection standard that achieves the national standard E1 level, do not have formaldehyde. Colour modelling is to deal with more patterns while changing the quality, but also to meet the needs of more customers.

With the development of the society, only through continuous innovation and upgrading of the technological content, can products stand firm in The Times. Such as this kind of co-extrusion wood is also constantly reforming, can become the new fashion in architecture, can be recognized by customers. And it is applicable to a wide range of areas, such as outdoor gardens, decoration, public facilities, municipal construction, home decoration villas and so on, can be used. Friends who need this kind of plastic wood can contact us.