Outdoor decorators, Pinterest aficionados and HGTV aficionados all know that everything is an opportunity to craft the roadside charm of your home. You may buy a new garden fence for security or privacy reasons, but if you are reading this blog, we are happy to provide you with a new PVC fence style, and you want the new fence to be beautiful too. In our latest blog, our designers highlight the most popular vinyl PVC fence colors, which have an immediate impact on home styles.

We offer a variety of models designed to provide safety and true outdoor style. We see it again and again – the right vinyl PVC fence color may be the missing part that makes your yard style more complete.

PVC Privacy Fence With Open Picket
PVC Fence Colors To Consider

High-quality vinyl fences will last a lifetime, which is why we strongly recommend making sure the style and color complement your decor. Our enclosures are available in monochrome and two-tone, which adds refinement to the outdoor style. These are some of the colors of the PVC fence, which are our best-selling products and can be matched with almost any outdoor decoration:

White PVC fence. The white vinyl fence is one of the most popular reasons: its elegant exterior can be matched with almost any house and any style. We recommend white to homeowners who don’t want to adhere to a strong statement of style, but want to have an appealing appeal to containment that never goes out of style.

Textured wood style fence – this is a popular upgrade to replace the old wooden fence, whose days are over. The faux wood-grain vinyl fence color has a rustic feel, but with all the maintenance-free advantages of vinyl.

Off-white – this combination of PVC fence colours is certainly a striking piece of work. The fence model pairs a white vinyl frame with a grey fill panel. Since both grey and white work well with a variety of home panel colors, this can be a good fence to match with bold white wainscoting choices.

Tan and white – this is our signature two-color fence color combination. White and tan vinyl is popular because it works well with white or tan vinyl siding, two of the most popular colors in contemporary home architecture. The two-color fence is fast becoming the biggest trend in luxury fencing – this is your chance to stay ahead of the curve!

Black and white – bold PVC fence color selection. The combination of the dark privacy fence panel and the white vinyl frame makes the exterior stand out. While this isn’t for all outdoor decorators, it’s an important statement, especially when paired with dark-panelled homes.

3 Rails PVC Fence
Custom Vinyl Fence Color Combination

For our clients and our designers, these are just the tip of the iceberg, although these are the favorite colors for PVC fences. At the Seven Trust fence and railing supply, we are able to build custom fencing for you to meet your completely unique style needs. So whether you’re a contractor looking for an edge or a homeowner with a unique style, we’re happy to build something for you.

Visit our product list to find out which vinyl fence colors you like. We hope these vinyl fence colors will make you think about your design and outdoor style. Whether you work with a fence contractor to complete your project or you build your own, we will provide you with everything you need.

If conditions permit, we would like to invite you to our production plant to see our samples for yourself. Many homeowners find it valuable to check the color of our PVC fence in person. Contact us to purchase your vinyl fence or arrange a visit to our factory!