The screw configuration plays an important role in the extrusion process of WPC. Reasonable screw structure can reduce the friction between screw and wood fibre, produce appropriate shearing and dispersing mixture, and make the material system with a lot of wood powder can be well plasticized uniformly.

Temperature control of wood-plastic composites

In addition to ensuring the smooth transition of flow channel design and reasonable flow distribution, wood-plastic composites have higher requirements for building pressure capacity and temperature control accuracy. In order to obtain good fibre orientation and product quality, it is necessary to ensure that the machine head has sufficient pressure building capacity and long shaping section, and even adopt double taper structure in compression section and shaping section.

The thermal conductivity of wood-plastic composites

Wood plastic composites have poor thermal conductivity, and their products are mostly heterogeneous materials, which are difficult to be cooled and shaped. Reasonable design of cooling channel ensures efficient cooling. If you have the need of the product welcome to consult more detailed information about the product. We will provide you with high-quality home decoration products.