In the modern landscape design, the pavilion is an indispensable element. What kind of modern gardens have what kind of pavilions to match, and a good pavilion can obviously improve the aesthetic effect of the garden. The shape of the pavilion is generally small and exquisite, open on all sides, airy and light, and belongs to a kind of courtyard building for tourists to rest and view. The characteristics of the pavilion are that it is open around and relatively small and concentrated in the shape. Therefore, the pavilion is often combined with mountains, water and greenery. The pavilions in modern gardens are especially decorative, which can be used to decorate the landscape and establish The role of the sights. In the modern garden landscape design, the method of selecting the foundation for the construction of the pavilion: you can build a pavilion on the mountain and build a pavilion on the water. It must be combined with various garden elements, usually combined with mountains, water, and woods. Modern pavilions and squares. The combination of green shades. The pavilion is often a “bright spot” in the landscape. When designing the pavilion, we must also consider the form and volume of the pavilion, and must coordinate with the environment. The pavilions in modern gardens have changed more, the forms are more diverse, the variety of changes in the top, and the surrounding scenery, the location of the pavilion, etc., make the pavilion look simple, but it can Feel the infinite charm and deep meaning.