If you want to add some shade to your outdoor decking during the week, it can be as simple as buying a large umbrella or as complex as adding a roof or scaffolding. No matter what you do, adding shadows will increase the amount of time you spend on deck and make it more comfortable. You can also add some lighting in some locations. Low voltage lighting can be installed on most existing decks with a little extra work. Solar lighting is a simpler and cheaper option, but in the long run, it could be a bigger problem. When you finish your underdeck area. Adding a terrace and an underdeck drainage system will make the underdeck space a good place to hang out on hot summer days. You can have a comfortable and cool environment to spend the hot summer. It is a good idea to add storage areas under your outdoor decking. Adding baseboards or latticed doors around your deck will give you a good place to store lawn tools, toys, or pool equipment. You can make the most of the small space on the floor, but be careful with moisture. Make The Most of The Outdoor Deck In Summer Add a door. This will allow you to turn your deck into an outdoor play area for children by installing a protective gate bar to prevent them from falling off the steps. It’s also a great way to keep family members or pets on deck. The personal feeling can add some bench. This is a great way to save space and have a comfortable resting area when you are tired on the outdoor decking. Benches without backs can be pushed up against railings and take up much less space than chairs. Add a privacy wpc fence in place. Maybe the reason you don’t use your bars as much is a privacy issue. Most deck railings can be adapted to accommodate the privacy fence, but the outdoor space feels less dense with railings. Rearrange the deck. If you have a wooden or composite outdoor deck, a good, heavy-duty cleaning, and a new layer of stains or protectants, you can really improve the appearance of your deck, plus increase the life of the deck. Install new furniture. Adding new furniture will make your deck a more attractive place, better reflecting that the deck is a good place to rest outside. Add appropriate decorations. Think of your deck as a room in your house. There are many posts to hang on the railings. Many companies provide a large number of signs, clocks, and planting, flower boxes. If you have any better Suggestions, or would like to assemble your own new deck, you are welcome to come for detailed information.