Material and Color Selection of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

This garden wpc hollow decking project mainly starts from two aspects of material and color. The materials selected on-site include imitation solid wood grain and natural stop, and the colors are mainly brown and dark red. When selecting, the material specification error is strictly controlled: surface flatness ≤1.5mm, dimension error < 3mm. Except for the paving board, the other materials are hollow structure to reduce the weight of the guard rail. Besides, the processed material has no sharp Angle and the joint position has the same color material fusion and hidden screws, which maintain the integrity of the material appearance.

Installation Example of Landscape Bridge Wood Plastic Composite Hollow Decking Material

Before materials enter the site, carefully identify the inspection report and factory certificate of the materials, and then begin the construction of the paving and guardrail. Pavement construction Landscape bridge pavement composite materials selection, including cutting, drilling and installation. At the construction site, the cutter can be cut directly according to the design size without considering the machine node of the grain direction. However, it cannot be finished at one time when drilling. After drilling to a certain depth, pull out the drill bit, remove the debris in the hole, and then continue drilling.

After cutting and drilling, start for installation: considering the thickness of the WPC hollow decking has the certain influence to the keel span, before installing, measuring the wall thickness of the floor, find that project type chosen for the WPC hollow decking, the floor impact on keel span is more apparent, because the scene, no-load condition, finally has chosen three spans of less than 50 cm to keel span.

Screw selection outdoor screw-type first choice, when a stainless steel tapping screw, the length of the determination of the top into the keel for the base of 20mm for calculation, at the same time according to the thickness of the wood plastic composite material decking board, flexible adjustment selection.

During the Installation Process of WPC Hollow Decking Calculate The Span for Cutting and Drilling

In the installation of the paving board, the site to pay attention to the impact of the cleaning machine heat expansion and cold contraction, and the construction is in the winter, so between the paving board edge, leave a gap of 5mm. As for the space between the planking head and the head. The coefficients of the deck length L, temperature T at installation, maximum temperature Tmax of the year, and thermal expansion and cooling shrinkage of the material were. The model was estimated using the formula: T= △ × (T max-t) ×L. Take the installation of 2m wood plastic composite decking as an example. The values of the parameters were L =2000mm, T =10℃, Tmax=36℃, =0.9×10-4. It is calculated that 4.68mm gap should be reserved between heads when 2m paving plate is installed. The size of the plywood and fasteners shall be controlled by the allowable size tolerance ±2mm of the wood plastic composite material flooring and fasteners.

The distance between the edges of 2 pieces of the wood plastic composite decking board can be controlled at about 5mm, which can prevent pedestrians’ high heels from mistakenly sinking into the gap of the paving board.

Landscape Bridge Wood Plastic Composite Material Selection

The mounting length of the coupler and the width of the paving gap are reserved. According to whether the installation of the coupler can enhance the bending resistance and impact resistance of the two paving slabs, the width of the paving gap of 3.5 times, i.e. 17.5mm, is finally selected.

After the two paving slabs are connected by fasteners, the actual distance between the two grooves is equal to 17.5mm+0.5mm=18mm, of which 0.5mm is specially reserved during construction to flexibly adjust the creep clearance of fasteners.

Keel height, the value of 3.5mm, in fixed paving, the use of expansion screws will keel and foundation tightly fixed together;

The height of the reserved opening of the fastener is to ensure that the fastener is fixed and enhance the bending and impact resistance of the paving slab. The maximum value is at most 1/3 of the paving slab height and the minimum value is at least 1/6 of the paving slab height. After laying, 50 groups of wood plastic composite material selection paving boards were randomly selected on-site and tested in accordance with the standards in Table 1: After inspection, the structural performance of 49 groups of paving boards reached the standard, and the pass rate reached 98%.

The installation and use of wood plastic composite decking and WPC fences once again proved to users the reliability of high-quality products, and once again fully affirmed and understood wood-plastic environmentally friendly products.