Wood-plastic composites contain plastic surface hardness is high, generally 2-5 times wood, so it has a good elastic modulus. In addition, due to the inclusion of fibre and fully mixed with plastic, so with hardwood equivalent to pressure, flexural and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials. Wood plastic materials and their products compared with wood can resist strong acid alkali, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and do not reproduce bacteria, not easy to be moth-eaten, not long fungi. The long service life of up to 50 years. Wood-plastic composites are a composite material made from plastic and wood fibres with a small number of chemical additives and fillers and processed by special blending equipment. Durable, long service life, wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic products, good rigidity, there are two of wood processing: sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws, fixed, and easy to repair, strong texture, can be made according to the needs of different colours, anti-ageing performance, long service life, is an outdoor decoration garden, landscape design, courtyard, Flooring, landscape chairs, guardrail making and other materials of choice. 1. the wood-plastic composite material can be used in a large number of natural wood products applicable areas, its own carbon sequestration effect is also quite significant. 2. At present wood-plastic composite material decontamination effect, most of the wood in the use of anti-corrosion and moth-proof, usually need to carry out anti-corrosion treatment, the current domestic use of ICQ technology (that is, low toxic anti-corrosion) enterprises are only a few, most use CCA technology (that is, harmful anti-corrosion), The anticorrosive wood after use pollutes the soil and water system due to the loss of heavy metals in the preservative, while the wood-plastic composites have no such pollution at all. Through the floor that buys Shanghai Seven Trust series can be tested get, the wood model floor is in a lot of times it is to want to last longer than real wood material, good resistance to corrosivity and comfortable foot feeling can let you be at ease decorate, provide perfect decorate space.