PVC fast-loading wall panel is also called the “ecological art wall” or “integrated wall”, is made up of PVC/wood fibre as base material, the surface can be hot stamping, film of new building materials, the decoration can be widely used in household, engineering, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on.

1. Advantages of Indoor wall panel

①The PVC wood decorative wall panel has the same processing performance as the logs. It can be nailed, drilled, cut and glued. It is fixed with nails or bolts.

②The PVC plastic wood decorates wall panel has better physical properties than log, is better than wood dimensional stability, won’t produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, add colourant, coated or composite surface can be made into various products, colourful so need regular maintenance.

③PVC plastic wood decorative wall panel has the advantages of fireproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, dampness resistant, insect-resistant, fungus resistant, acid and alkali resistant, harmless and pollution-free, and low maintenance cost.

④In application, PVC wood-plastic decorative wall panel has a similar appearance of wood, higher hardness than plastic, longer life, thermoplastic moulding, higher strength and energy saving. The product quality is firm, light, heat preservation, smooth surface, no pollution.

2. Features of PVC quick install wall plate

①It is convenient to disassemble and install, saving time and energy.

②The design and colour pattern are various, can replace wall paint, wallpaper and other traditional decoration materials.

③Environmental protection, heat insulation, moisture-proof, mildew proof, heat preservation, fire protection, sound insulation, fashion, beauty, convenient cleaning.

General family interior decorates metope, console top, door window to wait for adornment to account for project quantity of 70% above. If our base material is prepared in advance in the factory, it can be installed quickly in the new house, which saves labour, time and cost! The adornment material such as metope, console top, door window can use the plastic wood product or calcium model material, environmental protection is green, fashionable atmosphere.