The foreign wood plastic composite material industry is represented by North America, which is the region with the fastest development and largest consumption of wood-plastic composite materials in the world. It is mainly used for outdoor buildings with rough style, and its wood-plastic products and manufacturing technology do not pursue delicacy. In the past 10 years and more, the growth rate of the wood-plastic market in the United States has been maintained at over 10%, especially in the past 5 years. In 2009, the production and sales of wood-plastic materials were about 700,000 tons. There are about 50 wood-plastic enterprises in the United States, which have formed a complete industrial chain. They are characterized by a large scale and high output, with an annual output of over 10,000 tons. WPC Product New Installation Model China WPC is a very young industry, it has only been growing for more than a decade, and it is still young in every respect. Compared with the North American market, the growth of WPC composites material and manufactured products in China still has considerable room. The design and manufacture of wood plastic composites products have reached the international advanced level. Although wood plastic composites are more expensive than pure wood, their relatively high costs are coming down as manufacturers find more efficient ways to process them. The use of recycled plastics in composites can further reduce costs. Even in the face of a cost structure, many consumers are willing to accept relatively high prices for the advantages of these composites. 1. Environmentally friendly: Use recycled materials (wood powder and plastic). No preservatives are required. 2. No need for daily maintenance, longer service life than wood: Not hygroscopicity, moisture, decay, insect control. No cracking, cracking or deformation. Not sensitive to cold and hot environments. 3. Polyolefin wood-plastic composites have good mechanical properties and can be widely used as bearing structure materials; 4. 95% of the raw materials of polyolefin wood plastic composite material are recycled materials, so the cost is relatively low. Meanwhile, the products can be recycled by 100%. 5. PVC composite materials can improve the impact strength and reduce the specific gravity through micro-foaming, truly imitating wood.