Over the years, we’ve had a lot of really creative clients with some great outdoor garden deck design ideas. We also made some suggestions of our own. Therefore, we have many ideas to help you make your new floor stand out. The following list is just my favorite, maybe our creative library can help you get more inspiration. Use PVC decking in other colors: this is a very inexpensive way to customize the deck, which will make your floors more layered. Most deck manufacturers charge a small or free fee, although some products come in a variety of colors and you can choose from different types to add color. Install the outdoor decking on the diagonal: this is also a very cost-effective option. It might cost a few dollars per square foot. How To Make Full Use Of The Deck Space Adding wood plastic composite decking curves: this outdoor garden deck design can be done in a variety of ways, the wood plastic composite decking has good machinability, you can cut and finish the floor directly, but bending the entire front of the deck or adding curved bumps on the side or front is most popular. This will make the outside of the wood plastic composite decking look more solid and solid. Add low voltage lighting: this is a great way to make your deck more practical and safe. This is a suggestion from a client. To be honest, the decorative floor is more beautiful, and enjoying dinner in the light of the light will be a romantic experience. Use other garden fence colors: we sell lots of white vinyl fences with black ones. Of course, there are many other color options that can provide you with a suitable product color. Upgrade existing railings: use all black railings or installing vinyl fence panels, which will extend the service life of your railings and make them more suitable for the deck environment you are building now. Add a fence panel: we can install a simple panel on top of the vinyl fence. This will add a nice place to put your decorations, flowerpots, etc. Add garden outdoor pergolas: we have made many pergolas out of wood and vinyl. They add a very cool touch, and they also give you semi-shaded areas. This way you can rest and relax outside in good weather. Add benches: as many users as you can imagine, this is a great way to add seats while saving space. We can set up an outdoor garden bench on the deck to perfectly match your new deck. Hopefully, this will give you some interesting ideas as you plan your new outdoor garden deck design. Or you can check out our “deck options” page for more ideas and prices. How Is The Wood Plastic Composite Decking Paved