The new hollow decking board color is screened and measured whenever the home floor is started, and many decisions are made when designing the new wpc hollow decking, such as which type of railing to use, where to place the steps, and whether to use wood or a synthetic type of flooring. The color of the floor may be one of the most important decisions in the process if the wood or synthetic floor that needs to be dyed is ultimately chosen. It affects the time you spend on the deck, the time you spend cleaning the deck, and it has a big impact on how much return on investment you get.

How to Find Your Ideal New Hollow Decking Board Color

While some colors may look better than others, there’s a little more to consider when considering the actual installation of the floor, where to prepare it for use, and before spending your hard-earned money on a deck that can last for decades.

Considerations When Choosing Composite Hollow Decking Colors

First, it is important to consider the typical weather and climate you live in when deciding which colour to use for your deck. Depending on the environment, some colors may be a better choice. In Pennsylvania, for example, there is often a lot of pollen falling down, and the floor is usually under the pollen each spring, so many local customers will choose the lighter colored deck because the pollen is not so obvious.

Also, if your area experiences hot summers, it is wise to choose lighter hollow decking board color over darker ones. A dark deck will absorb heat from the hot summer sun, so if your deck is on the south side of the house, dark floors will make it difficult to use the deck in summer afternoons and evenings because the dark floors absorb enough heat to be unsuitable for outdoor activities. However, covered decks are a way to create a shadow in the summer and prevent the surface from overheating.

Considerations When Choosing Composite Hollow Decking Colors

When choosing a color for the composite hollow decking, consider muddy tracks and stains from children and pets. Mud, dirt and stains are easier to see on light-coloured decks. So if you have a pet, a younger child or both, a darker deck may be a better choice.

Find a WPC Hollow Decking Board Color That Suits You

If you have trouble deciding whether to go dark or light for the deck, you can still choose. One option is to use a neutral color for most Hollow Core Deckings, then choose your preferred dark color for the border. This will provide excellent contrast and differentiate your deck from the regular deck. You can also use black or dark brown balustrades for lighter WPC hollow decking and to add more dark tones.

These are some of the Suggestions we have given you when building a new deck, which we hope will help you make a satisfactory decision when choosing the color of the new hollow decking. For more deck Suggestions, see our deck materials page.