The raw materials of WPC are mainly plastic and wood powder. Wood powder is not toxic in principle, but plastic is often recycled and contains modified bromide, which of course only produces harmful gases during incineration, so in this sense, plastic is also non-toxic. In the actual production of WPC, some stabilizers and flame retardants, antioxidants and so on are added. outdoor decking, wpc decking 1. the appearance of the product color, product color is the basic means of discrimination, because after all is wood products, the appearance of the texture and wood is the same, with a better grain reason, but not the category of the product, the wood grain effect is not the same. 2. product weight, different wood plastic composite decking product weight is not the same, density is not the same, its quality is not the same. But does anyone want to know if the heavy ones are ok? That’s not the case, and further testing is needed to find out. 3. cross-section, the understanding of the cross-section to see if it has a wooden handle, not wooden handle ratio of wood that could or not in place, but the roughness is due to the stand or fall of machine blade, sharp blade to cut out a product very smooth, no sharp blade to cut out a product. 4. Product test report, which is indispensable. The word that I suggest can according to consumer oneself requirement choose and buy, do not say must you choose a good wood plastic composite decking product, in fact, the demand according to oneself in the process that chooses commodity and ability to choose and buy that will be better, more actual!