The natural decoration of wood plastic composite outdoor flower box is combined with the surrounding urban buildings to create a beautiful scenery line, which makes the surrounding environment become lifelike, enabling people to stay in a leisurely environment at any time and place and feel love for the breath of nature. As a result, WPC flower boxes have become essential outdoor furniture for urban roads. That when we choose and buy city to spend a flower box, also need to think clearly, want collocation to give what kind of effect? Need us to distinguish the type of flower box! WPC Flower Box
With wood plastic as the main material of the wpc flower box
The material of wood plastic is a kind of recycled plastic, plus wood powder (or wheat straw and other plant joints) with other auxiliary materials to make a great contribution to plastic recycling, wood-plastic flower box with anti-corrosion, insect control, strong plasticity and other characteristics, has become a new landscape material.
The flower box is made of solid wood
The material of real wood is more suitable for processing, the design changes many ends, the price is preferential, and now the original wood has been through constant temperature baking, deinsectization, antiseptic, finalize the design and other processing after molding, and then with high polymer, high adhesion paint multi-layer spraying, forming a reliable protection layer, can do in the outdoor durable. Therefore, a WPC flower box is widely used in urban construction. Outdoor Flower Box
With reinforced concrete as the main material of the flower box
This kind of flower box is made of reinforced concrete and other light bone materials. Its color, texture realistic; Heavy and durable; Simple daily care; Security and other advantages. The WPC flower box of different design, different material pledges, with natural and lifelike performance, add thick artistic breath to culture square, park, estate. However, in recent years, users pay more attention to environmental protection, so we recommend the WPC flower box for your use, and can let people feel the close embrace of nature.