First, wood plastic composite decking before installation

1. from the professional perspective of the installation of the floor, before the start of the installation work, must keep the plastic wood floor dry, flat, clean good state, so as to better ensure the follow-up installation work smoothly. 2. Prepare the installation tools: electric drill, common woodworking tools, labour protection gloves, stainless steel screws, etc. Electric drill is a necessary tool for installing wood plastic composite decking. Plastic wood floor brittleness is bigger, when fixing floor and keel, must lead hole with an electric drill, install screw to fix again, avoid damage plastic wood floor. New Fast High - Rise Installation

The second, wood plastic composite decking installation process

1. fixed plastic wooden keel: plastic wooden keel evenly arranged flat on the cement floor, it is recommended that the spacing of each root is 30cm. Lead hole on keel with the electric drill, lead hole diameter cannot be less than screw diameter, screw again inside hole of drill good, fix keel on the cement ground, nail head should all screw keel, do not expose outside, otherwise may cause floor layout not level off. 2. fix the first piece of floor: the left and right sides of each wood plastic composite floor have Yin and Yang trough respectively. When the shop installs the first floor, can use woodworking tool to divide the positive groove outside the first floor to saw off or grind, use an electric drill to guide hole in the surface of the floor next, open screw into nail, fix it on keel. 3. fix the second floor: the second wood plastic composite floor of the positive groove stuck the first floor of the negative groove position, and then in the second floor of the positive groove side surface of the drill hole, screw screw fixed on the keel, screw spacing can be in the installation process by the construction personnel control, not too dense, to ensure the firm on the line. Rear wood plastic composite floor installation is the same as in front, do not need to do more explanation. WPC Product New Installation Model

wood plastic composite decking construction notes

1. wood plastic composite decking can be cut, sawed, drilled and mortise by ordinary woodworking machinery. 2. Fix the plastic wooden keel on the floor with expansion tube. The fixed point spacing of expansion tube is 500mm-600mm. 3. Self-tapping screws can be used for fastening between WPC decking and WPC decking. Stainless steel self-tapping screws are recommended for outdoor use. Plastic wood and steel plate to use self – drilling self – tapping screw. 4. When self-tapping screws are used between plastic-wood and plastic-wood for fastening, holes should be drawn first, that is, pre-drilling. The diameter of the pre-drilled hole shall be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the screw. 5. installation of outdoor floor, wood plastic composite material profile and each keel between the need to use a screw. 6. wood plastic composite decking and keel of the junction are plastic buckle plastic wood floor and keel connection fixed.

wood plastic composite decking installation key points

1. wood plastic composite decking has a slight thermal expansion and cold shrinkage characteristics, plus in consideration of cleaning and other reasons, plastic wood profile in the installation, side and side; Proper clearance must be maintained between ends. The reservation of the gap is also closely related to the climate temperature during construction. 2. Please install profile {TodayHot} on keel when installing wood plastic composite decking. According to the thickness of the profile (20mm-40mm) keel spacing is generally between 400mm-500mm. the wood plastic composite decking is more stable than the wood floor, won’t crack easily become warped, and the performance of waterproof, anticorrosive, wet-resistant is very superior, the price is also low also convenient to maintain, so now home is decorated inside also more and more apply rise. The above is about the construction technology of wood plastic composite decking and the introduction of matters needing attention, hope to be helpful to everyone.