You need to install a new garden fence for the yard – not the other clutter added to the spring cleaning list each year. You’ve come to the right place – we offer you a number of maintenance-free fence options. These garden fences are beautiful to look at, easy to use, and last more than 30 years.

At the Seven Trust fence and balustrade supply, we offer a wide selection of fence materials that will not require conventional redyeing and repainting of wood. These options include vinyl, iron and wood-plastic composite fences. We call all three low-maintenance or no-maintenance fences because they only need to be washed occasionally to look their best. Read on to learn the advantages of all three of these low maintenance luxury enclosures – or talk to an expert and place an order immediately!

At one time, the only fences in the market were made of wood, and although they looked good, there were still problems. These wooden fences need to be repainted or recolored regularly – otherwise, they will go moldy and start to rot. For many homeowners, this has proved a headache. This is why luxury fence materials (such as vinyl and iron) have quickly become the gold standard for new fences.

Garden PVC Privacy Fence With Open Picket

We are exploring our some most popular low maintenance-free fence options to help you find what you like:

PVC Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are a great no-maintenance fence and have become the most popular option for the entire American community. Vinyl fences come in a variety of designs and colors that complement many household colors. In addition, the tall vinyl fence board is the best choice for overall backyard privacy. Vinyl is a true low-maintenance fence option for spring cleaning because cleaning it with soap and water is the only step to keeping it in top condition.

Iron Fence

The iron fence shows individuality with its distinctive style. Although black iron is an iconic fence in upscale neighborhoods, there is actually more iron in color and style, and the selection grows every year. As a low maintenance barrier, iron must not be defeated. Once again, iron will no longer need to be painted or dyed to prevent decay. Better yet, dark iron fences don’t show dust and dirt, so they don’t even need to be cleaned every year.

Wood Plastic Composite Fence

This avant-garde style option is also excellent as a low-maintenance fence option. These ornate two-color enclosures are a combination of wood-plastic materials that have become an increasingly popular choice for their unparalleled privacy, unique appearance, and no-maintenance advantages. Just like vinyl fences, all these fences need to do is clean them with mild soapy water if any dirt is found.

All three luxury options are not only easy to use and cheap to maintain, but also last a long time. You can easily expect these fences to last for more than 30 years and look great throughout!

Good Mainstream Maintenance-free Fence Options
Other vinyl and iron outdoor accessories

You can get the maintenance-free advantage of almost anything in your backyard. In addition to these excellent low-maintenance fence options, we offer the following maintenance-free special products to make your backyard life more lively:

Maintenance-free balustrades – our vinyl and iron balustrades provide strong support and are ideal for redoing decks or porches and do not require any maintenance required by wooden alternatives.

Pergola – like fences and railings, these ultra-stylish outdoor structures are available in wood or vinyl. At Seven Trust, we only provide vinyl pergolas for maintenance, as the wooden pergolas need to be repainted and redyed every year.

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Start buying maintenance-free fences right away. Whether you want vinyl PVC fence, iron or luxurious wood-plastic composite fences, you can ask us for details today. We can quote you on these three low maintenance fence options or help you find the right option for your home. At Seven Trust, we are pleased to provide contractors and homeowners with the high-quality materials they need.

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