Now is an era of green products, many things are advocating green environmental protection, of course, our WPC fence is no exception. With the development and innovation of production technology, the environmental protection of the WPC garden Fence is getting better and better. The next thing I want to tell you about is the environmental protection of the wpc garden fence. The environment-friendly plastic wood garden fence can make the product appear more natural. When compared with solid wood, there are no problems of decay or cracking. Because stability is much better than wood products, there will be no cracks. And there are many colours to choose from. Even in the open air, the plastic wood garden fence can also be well operated, very affordable, not only good quality but also a long term of use, maintenance is very convenient and simple. Different adornment face can undertake collocation to use in a different style. The use of plastic and wood guardrails fully demonstrates our pursuit of environmental protection and satisfies our development policy of low-carbon environmental protection and recycling. In addition, in recent years the adornment design of villa swimming pool is very hot also, people have imitated the idea of euramerican mostly to the adornment design of swimming pool, this one kind of adornment material plays an extremely important role, that is the plastic wood floor. We often see swimming pool parties in movies and see a group of men and women gathered around the pool, walking around on the light grey floor with bare feet. That’s the plastic wood floor. The adornment of foreign swimming pool cannot leave plastic wood floor almost, this basically is this kind of product has super waterproof, moistureproof, mould proof, anticorrosion, acid-proof alkali characteristic, general adornment material is comfortable but not durable, the time that does not use is likely to absorb water to expand craze; It’s either durable but not comfortable enough to stand on. The floor of plastic wood material integrated the advantage of these materials very well, on practical and adornment sex go up very outstanding, if you have this respect demand, welcome you to come to consult.