WPC (wood plastic) refers to PE (polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PP (polypropylene) and its copolymers, thermoplastic polymer and wood powder, wood fiber materials such as plants and shell as raw material, the injection moulding, pressing, etc of the moulding method, the composite materials. It has the advantages of polymer and wood fibre materials, and can partially or completely replace wood for building materials furniture and packaging. However, the wood fibre and polymer that make up the composite materials are all inflammable materials, so it is imperative to study the flame retardant of wood plastic composite deck materials.

In order to improve the flame retardant effect of plastic wood and solve the problems encountered in its processing, the modification of plastic wood flame retardant should be further studied in the future. It is necessary to take all factors into account and lay a solid foundation for developing the application of plastic wood in other industries.

1) nanotechnology, nanometer material with surface effect, quantum size effect and small size effect, will be made nanometer materials can make its flame retardants in performance is superior to the conventional flame retardants, namely high flame retardancy and good interface compatibility.

2) grafting modification, graft modification through chemical coupling agent is the purpose of the flame retardant with hydrophilic functional groups on the surface of the flame retardant, flame retardant from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, increasing the compatibility of flame retardant materials and polymer matrix, improve its dispersion in the plastic wood, to make up for the addition of flame retardant on the plastic wood original performance caused by the adverse effect.

3) microcapsule technology: microcapsule technology refers to the use of natural or synthetic polymer for capsule material, solid, liquid and gaseous substances will wrap up, forming a certain particle size range of core-shell structure of the microcapsule technology. Through the technology can be a good protect capsule filling material physical and chemical properties were not destroyed, can reduce the impact of toxic substances on the environment or personal, can envision flame retardant coating in the capsule shell of organic compound wall materials, can effectively improve the flame retardant and the compatibility of composite matrix, reinforced flame retardant effect.