Wood plastic composite Decking board is a new kind of green environmental protection decoration material. The main material of the wood plastic board is plant cellulose and lignocellulose, and the plastic is a thermoplastic polymer material. The function of the model plank is better than a real wood plank, be in so adornment building materials market more and more popular, already replaced plastic and lumber gradually. The wood plastic for it can be used as scrap wood, corner powder and other materials to product manufacturing, waste reuse, the use of production technology is safe and pollution-free, finished products are free of any harmful substances. So it is more and more popular in many fields such as adornment course of study, furniture course of study and packaging course of study, be called the green environmental protection plank of the first selection, the extensive application is in the market of a plank of building materials. Wood plastic composite Decking board
1/ The WPC decking board features low wear and tear:
use wood plastic boards, less than the amount of ordinary wood used in the same situation. And the wood plastic composite decking board is hollow specification more, can save more production material. At the same time, the hollow plate cost is lower, the price will be more preferential. Hollow decking material also has the advantage of reducing their own weight, but also reduce the load capacity of the carrier. These are the unique advantages of wood plastic composite, ordinary wood is not able to do.
2/ The WPC decking Handle easily
common real wood plank expression needs besmear to brush paint to undertake to protect processing, still have besmeared in follow-up use a few protect paint, can affect service life otherwise. And model board does not need this working procedure after processing comes out, can use, do not need to brush lacquer, waterproof performance is very good also. Maintenance costs are much lower than for wood products.
3/ The WPC decking Life is long
the service life of model board wants than average lumber plank tall 3 to 4 times, can use 10 years to 50 years to differ more namely. Use cycle is long, the price of wood plastic board nature is higher.
4/ Wood Plastic Composite Decking board quality
A lot of people reflect model board to use the meeting after a period of time to produce be out of shape, actually, the high-grade model board won’t produce be out of shape, and bearing force and compressive ability is very strong. But because model board market is more confused now, the good and bad of the businessman are intermingled, the consumer is buying a product very hard naked eye observes model board quality from the exterior, gave undesirable businessman opportunity so. Wood plastic composite if the use of inferior wood as raw materials, the production of products will not be durable, the use of very short cycle. So when everybody is buying, must buy the regular product that has a qualification certificate, or the product that chooses a famous manufacturer to produce. Although more expensive than ordinary products, but good performance, long life.
5/ Use of wood plastic composite decking board
The wood plastic composite decking board is the advantage union of real wood plank and plastic plank, defect gets improvement. So in the interior decoration industry, really furniture industry, car and boat interior decoration packaging industry, future housing construction industry and other fields are widely used, it can be used to do furniture, do the floor, do decoration materials. Wood Plastic Composite Decking board quality The wood plastic board because have very good tenacity and rigidity, can bear all sorts of processing working procedure, and not easy chap, be out of shape, waterproof the advantage with good performance, can use all sorts of environments to use. But must look for the product of normal manufacturer when buying, can produce deformation in using otherwise, service life is short also. Seven Trust Wood plastic composite Product has been explored in the industry for many years. It has been provided by professional manufacturers from raw materials to production processes. The quality of the products has also been recognized by many users. Now you can get a quotation and product sample by sending detailed information about the demand. look forward to your information.