The strengthening of environmental protection consciousness in modern life is reflected in the use of daily necessities. Many household appliances are made of solid wood, but the excessive consumption of wood leads to the cutting down of forest trees. In order to respond to environmental protection, a new material, wood-plastic material, is introduced in the market for furniture materials. WPC wall panel is a new material product.
Introduction To The Characteristics of WPC Wall Panel
It is made of wood ultrafine powder and polymer resin mixed by molding process, and has the excellent characteristics of wood and plastic. Because the raw material that USES and production process did not use glue agglutinate, won’t produce formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene to wait for harmful material, it is the green environmental protection new-style material that replaces traditional lumber. The Unique Assembly Structure of Wood Plastic Wallboard
The Unique Assembly Structure of Wood Plastic Wallboard
The structure of the WPC wall panel adopts rapid assembly, and the design of bayonet makes it easy to install and remove wallboard. Long service life, wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic products, good rigidity, good physical property than wood dimensional stability, no cracks, warping, no wood joints, twill, etc. With wood wallboard secondary processing, sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws fixed. Wood plastic wallboard flame – retardant performance in case of open flame does not support, after the fire automatically extinguished. The surface treatment technology is various, heat transfer printing, peritoneum or baking paint, according to the customer’s own needs can produce the gorgeous and diverse appearance, and high stability. People’s protection of the environment, environmental protection living consciousness is becoming stronger and stronger, in order to reduce the serious consequences of tree felling, a lot of consumers in the purchase of furniture will be environmental protection as the first choice to choose, we hope through the above introduction of wood and plastic wallboard will have more understanding.
WPC Wall Panel Is Compared With Traditional Wood Wallboard
WPC wall panel is a new kind of environmental protection material, which can be used as a building envelope. WPC outdoor wall panel is suitable for non-load-bearing wall, and it is surface layer has a certain waterproof ability. Its thermal and physical performance is better than reinforced concrete and rammed clay, which is close to the common wall covering panel. Compared with the exterior walls of traditional residential buildings, WPC has certain comprehensive advantages. WPC Wall Panel Is Compared With Traditional Wood Wallboard 1. wood plastic wallboard waterproof, moisture-proof: fundamentally solve the problem that wood products are easy to rot and expand and deform after absorbing water and being affected by moisture in a moist and watery environment, can be used in the environment where traditional wood products cannot be used; 2. Insect and termite control: effectively eliminate insect harassment and extend the service life; 3. Colourful: there are many colours to choose from, which not only have natural wood sense and wood texture but also can customize the required colours according to their own personality; 4. WPC wallboard lightweight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; 5. Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti – ageing, easy welding and bonding; 6. Strong bending strength and impact toughness, high elongation at fracture time; 7. Smooth surface, bright colour, highly decorative, the decorative application is wide; The construction process is simple and the installation is convenient. 8. Scope: this process is applicable to the construction of wood – plastic wall panels.
WPC Wall Panel Installation Material Requirements:
Wood – plastic wallboard and accessories, its varieties, specifications, quality levels meet the design requirements and current standards. The diameter of the nail, head of nail should ≮ 9.5 ㎜, the diameter of the nail is 2.6 ㎜. Use plated or aluminum nails to prevent rust. Construction equipment: Hammer, saw, level, hammer, paper cutter, tape measure and scissors. Operating conditions: External wall scaffolding is installed. The reserved holes in the outer wall have been processed. Clean up the wall base. Before large area construction should make an example first, decide craft and operation key point, make out to construction personnel. The sample must be confirmed by party a, supervisor and construction. WPC Wall Panel Installation Material Requirements Process flow: Basic cleaning → elastic horizontal line, vertical line → installation of starting bar, border closing bar (Yin and Yang corner column) → wall panel installation → installation of closing bar → cleaning (1) grass root cleaning: sweep the floating ash of grass root, and the flatness of the grass root should be relatively smooth. (2) elastic horizontal and vertical lines: measure the distance from the stern eaves to the lowest point covered by outdoor wall panel at each Angle. The maximum distance value obtained is used to re-measure the starting point of the unset elastic line at each Angle. At this lowest point, use this line as the positioning line for the starting slat. In Yang Angle, Yin Angle and door and window edge from 6 mm vertical line, control the distance between the two sides of the end. (3) the wallboard can be installed after the initial strip, Yin and Yang corner column, frame and closing strip are installed and the horizontal and vertical inspection is completed. (4) the basic principles of nailing: Outdoor wallboard can produce heat expansion and cold contraction with temperature change, in order to avoid deformation, should strictly follow the following operational guidelines: Nails should be placed in the middle of the nail slot to allow the wallboard to move freely. Don’t nail too firm, taking into account the expansion of the WPC wall panel, nail slot with wallboard between 8 mm distance. When the wallboard is fixed, place your hand on the wallboard and it should be able to move from side to side. Nails need to be driven straight in, without bending the nails or restricting the free movement of the wallboard. If nailed too high or too low, the panel may be deviated from the alignment. Clean up: After nailing and hanging a face, observe whether there is a defect, adjust after can clean the WPC wall panel with dry cotton yarn.