Due to its advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, durable and affordable, wood plastic composite materials are favoured by people and widely used in the exterior wall decoration of villas, multi-storey houses, office buildings, factories and other aspects of building exterior wall renovation projects.
Wood Plastic Composite Products Have High Fire Resistance
The wood plastic composite outer wall board adopts wood-plastic co-extrusion molding process. After surface treatment, it is elegant and elegant, with a strong sense of wood, and the color is designed according to customer requirements, which makes it easy and fast to install. Weather-resistant ASA resin surface layer and PVC base material extrusion flower forming, strong weather resistance, convenient maintenance, combustion grade B1, self-extinguishing from fire. The co-extruded outdoor wall panel is used for courtyard building, and the co-extruded wood plastic composite materials outer wall is close to nature and beautiful. Wood Plastic Composite Products Have High Fire Resistance
WPC Wall Panel has Beautiful Appearance and Weather Resistance
The reason why wood plastic composite wallboard can be used so widely is due to the advantages of wood-plastic co-extruded wall panel exterior wallboard products: clear lines, simple and bright appearance, extremely modern sense, making the building appear simple, natural and beautiful, and has strong weather resistance, can resist all kinds of bad weather. Material Mixing and Production of Co-Extrusion Products
Material Mixing and Production of Co-Extrusion Products
Wood plastic composite co-extrusion is booming in recent years a new type of composite material at home and abroad, the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, etc., instead of the usual resin adhesive, with more than 35% to more than 70% of the wood powder, rice husk, straw waste plant fiber blend into a new wooden material, then through extrusion, plastic mold, injection molding processing, production of the sheet or shaped. With the depletion of global forest resources and the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, wood and plastic industry has been well developed. At the same time, co-extrusion wood plastic composite materials are widely used in indoor and outdoor construction and other fields. If you are interested in this product, you can go to the product details page for more information.