In many parks or courtyard landscapes, no matter which designer will design the flowers, water and pavilions, people will be in it, refreshing, in recent years, many leisure places, use Many decorative buildings such as wood-framed porch are actually new environmentally friendly materials produced by Seven Trust materials manufacturers. Plastic wood material characteristics Over the years, wood-plastic materials have gradually entered our eyes, replacing processed wood, more environmentally friendly, with the advantages of wood and plastic, able to meet environmental standards, waterproof and moisture-proof, and can adapt to a variety of outdoor environments. Easy to install and maintain, it can also be 100% recycled and reused, which has won the recognition of many designers and customers and has become the first choice for garden landscaping or exterior wall decoration. Wood-plastic materials have become a substitute for wood products such as wood preservatives. They have good wood texture and color texture. They are more prominent in the decoration effect. The landscape design reveals a unique style, such as the surrounding many swimming pools. They all use water-resistant materials such as cement, marble and ceramic tiles, but if they are stepped on in the winter, direct contact with the soles of the feet will produce a strong sense of excitement. However, the performance of the wood-plastic material is able to have the ability to solve the above problems, and the Wood Plastic floor has a good comfortable foot feel. Getting the full play and advantage is the only material of choice. Forest resources are very precious, and more and more people pay attention to environmental issues. Protecting the natural environment on which we depend is the responsibility of everyone. For wood-plastic materials, it will become a mainstream, the first choice for protecting the environment and protecting our homeland.