Ordinary consumers who hear wooden floor decoration generally think of solid wood flooring. Yes, the environmental performance of solid wood flooring is very popular among many people, but solid wood products require post-maintenance to ensure its longevity and quality. Recently, a new type of wood flooring material, ecological wood, has appeared on the market. Eco-wood is a new type of environmentally friendly wood product, which reduces the trouble of maintenance and repair in the later stage, and the installation is very convenient. Next, I will introduce you to the ecological wood flooring.
The advantages of ecological wood are many
Eco-wood is still a relatively new decorative material in China, but it has been popular in foreign countries for many years. It is a kind of wood-plastic composite material which is made of wood powder and PVC powder as the main material and synthesized by special processing technology. It can partially replace wood, plastic and steel. It has more advantages in some use environments and is widely used. It is used in many industries such as construction, gardening and engineering decoration. Currently, popular areas include ceiling decoration, wall decoration, flooring, doors and windows in construction renovation and home decoration. In the hearts of the Chinese people, wood products always feel a sense of intimacy, but they do not know that its application area is so extensive. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can have a complete wood world as long as you want. The biggest feature of ecological wood is environmental protection, and it does not deform after the wind, sun and rain. Therefore, in addition to indoor decoration, it is also very suitable for outdoor decoration. In addition, the eco-wood products have changed a lot, and each product has a lot of colours to choose from. Of course, it can be assembled like a parquet floor when decorating, so its decoration effect is very good.
Environmentally friendly and convenient materials poured into the flooring market
Many people may still wonder how the ecological wood is paved. In fact, its paving process is similar to that of wooden flooring. It needs to be keeled. It is implemented by professional workers of the factory. The specific paving method will be after you enter the store. A professional technician provides services. Eco-wood products are positioned at medium and high-end, and its biggest highlight is environmental protection and health, which is very suitable for high-end home improvement and tooling. Unlike solid wood and composite wood, as a new composite material, it has the characteristics of being more suitable for outdoor decoration. Today, the concept of “green environmental protection and ecological construction” is becoming more and more magnified, and it is believed that it will gradually enter the public. Vision. How to identify the quality of ecological wood? The hardness, toughness, gloss, surface flaw and texture of the product are intuitive indicators for judging the quality of the ecological wood; however, the outdoor weatherability and shrinkage deformation rate and fading of the product cannot be clearly judged.