Composite Landscape Edging is produced from a plastic material named Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is a solid and robust material with high dimensional stability, highly resistant to the impact and abrasion, chemicals and UV light, ensuring long tool life and easy machining. Composite edgings are flame retardant (do not spread the fire) and are 100% recyclable. All the materials involved in our production process and all the products we supply are Reach compliant. Environmentally Friendly Composite Landscape Edging
Environmental Action on World Environment Day
World Environment Day is June 5th of each year. It reflects the understanding and attitude of people all over the world to environmental problems, and expresses the yearning and pursuit of human beings for a better environment. It is one of the main media for the United Nations to promote global environmental awareness, raise government attention to environmental issues and take action. Our quality landscape edging product Health, environmental protection and no formaldehyde. Great ageing resistance and climate resistance. Safe Garden Composite Landscape Edging Products
Safe Garden Composite Landscape Edging Products
PVC composite sets the standard in quality landscape edging products made from 100% recycled polyethene. This combination allows for a sturdy edging product while retaining flexibility. Unlike wood edging, Edge will not rot or splinter. A safe alternative to metal edging, Edge does not have sharp edges, will not rust and has nominal thermal expansion. Our products continue to be the professional landscaper’s choice for high-quality edging solutions and are now gaining wide acceptance in the do-it-yourself market. Garden Edging Has a Wide Range of Applications
Garden Edging Has a Wide Range of Applications
Seven Trust of landscape and garden edging provides the widest choice of lawn, landscape, path and border edging and paver restraints available. Our range of edging products provides solutions for almost any type of landscape edging application, both hard landscaping and soft landscaping. Ideal Composite Landscape Edging Products
Ideal composite landscape Edging products
It is ideal for Composite Landscape edging around curved beds and is designed to provide the appearance of wood. The advantage of Landscape Edging over traditional wood edging is that it is low in maintenance and bends easier than wood garden edging. Composite Landscape edging features are: low maintenance, resist to root and degrade, termite resistant, mould and mildew resistant and weather resistant. Composite Landscape edging products are quick and simple to install, and thus reduce cost, and make ongoing landscape and lawn maintenance quicker and easier, – again saving you time and money. Every product has to follow the Exceledge ethos of being Simple, Smart and Effective.