Average household to decorate the garden fence installation is chosen mostly according to the different compound wood fence, inside the wooden fence and, of course, including solid wood fence, solid mu fu joins a fence, aggrandizement wood fences, such as different types, in recent years, also has a new material in the line of sight into the industry. It is welcomed by the industry for its good environmental performance.

What is the WPC fence

This new kind of wood plastic composite product environmental protection is to put in the process of high-density fiberboard in phenol of wood, with recycled plastic after granulation equipment made the Outdoor Composite Fence, and then to extrusion production of parts and components, and composite wood plastic enclosure. The main material is polyethene wood powder or bamboo powder. The granulation can be carried out after high-speed mixing by adding the plasticizer, and then the granulation can be finished by extruding the granule material to form the profile by using the extruder.

The outdoor WPC fence may become the new favourite of the industry, of course, it has unique advantages, listed below a few. This kind of fence can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof and can be used normally in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used. High environmental protection, no pollution, and can be recycled, to the maximum extent of saving wood, suitable for sustainable development; High fire resistance, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and will not produce toxic gas; Simple production and installation, can save time and manpower cost, late maintenance and maintenance is more convenient.

WPC fence gradually became the trend of The Times

The wood-plastic composite material is a new environment-friendly building material that has only appeared in recent years. Wood plastic products used in raw materials available for waste plastics, waste wood or straw plant fibre, such as agriculture and forestry base material, does not contain any harmful ingredients, is applied and recycled recycling is a real environmental protection and energy saving products.

As people more and more attention to environmental protection and resources, waste materials recovery and recycling resources has become the trend of development, the sustainable development of national economy and the environment has a profound meaning, and wood plastic composite material is a good material to adapt to the requirement, visible prospect of Wood Plastic Fence Panel must be smooth.

Although it is still in the initial stage of development, it is believed that the future development space will be vast and the WPC fence will become the new favourite of the industry.