With the acceptance of eco-plastic wood products by more and more consumers, it has been widely used in home improvement and tooling. In terms of tooling, it has been applied in hotels, subways, libraries, gardens, city squares, shopping malls, Supermarkets, etc., especially wallboard products are used in a lot. In terms of home decoration, it has been used in restaurants, bedrooms, etc., especially the floor, which is very popular. Today’s ecological wood products can generally be used for 20 years, which is a durable consumer good, so how to maintain has become a concern of consumers. Here, we introduce three tips for the maintenance of eco-plastic wood products. Eco-plastic wood products can be used indoors and outdoors, so the specific maintenance methods are different.

First, the maintenance method of indoor ecological plastic wood products:

First: In the design stage, let the designer design the corner line, which not only can increase the overall decorative effect, it looks more beautiful, and can also make the feet of the more fragile products better protected, so as not to Careful touch will break. Second: control the temperature of the use environment, although the ecological plastic wood products have the characteristics of no deformation, but everything has its own tolerance, the indoor temperature of the use of ecological plastic wood products should not exceed 70 degrees, especially in In the north, heating is used in many places, so in high-temperature places, it is best to use some measures to cool down, to avoid long-term accumulation, so that the service life of the product is greatly reduced. Third: In the process of cleaning, although the eco-plastic wood products have the function of waterproof and moisture-proof, if the surface of the product is found to be dusty, please do not use sharp cleaning tools to clean it to avoid scratches, which not only affects the appearance, but also Make the product rough and more susceptible to dust and other items.

Second, the maintenance method of outdoor ecological plastic wood products:

First: the outdoor ecological plastic wood products, although having high stability, no cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no warping, etc., but long-term exposure to sunlight, wind and sun, the environment is relatively Bad, it is recommended that consumers should explain to the manufacturer when placing the order, where is your product used? If it is used outdoors, the manufacturer will use the method of brush varnish on the surface of the product to make the product look smooth and bright, the most important It is possible to isolate contact with harsh environments, protect products, and extend the life of their use. Second: When installing wood-plastic wood products, the carp must use the keel. Pay special attention to the density of the keel. The more you use it, the more the product can be strengthened, just in case, especially on the signboard. People coming and going, so pay special attention to this. Third: Because it is used outdoors, the dust is very much, so it must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method is very simple. Rinse with water.