To be honest, if you don’t want your new PVC fence to be destroyed in just a few years, having a wooden porch means an ongoing commitment to maintenance. You’ll have a constant battle to keep the constructed porches from being cracked, decayed, and plundered by insects.

A simpler approach is to have the porch made of artificial materials that require little maintenance, such as aluminum, plastic, vinyl or composite. On the porch, however, wood is exactly what people know and are fascinated by. In addition to the preference for appearance, the initial cost is also very attractive and is usually lower than the cost of synthetic materials. But now, you can try WPC, which is very environmentally friendly and doesn’t require much attention because it has good insect resistance.

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Well, here’s some vinyl fence product maintenance. If it’s done properly and on time, don’t bother, whether you have a wooden porch or a porch made entirely of synthetic materials. We’ve put together this short guide to not only help you keep your porch in as good a condition as possible for as long as possible, but also reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance by trying to do everything in the best way for the first time.

1) Regular inspection

In addition to regular maintenance of outdoor PVC fence, you should also develop some informal visual inspection habits, at least once or twice a month.

Look under porches for standing water and surface water – these are major contributors to decay, cracking and discoloration. Also check the surface for loose plates that move when trodden on or near the pedals, as well as loose nails and screws. Bolts to secure porches to houses are particularly important.

Check the terminal for rot and loose connections. In case of decay, you may need to simply replace the struts. Loose connections can be tightened, usually by adding additional bolts. The outdoor PVC fence should always be bolted into place – nails alone are not strong enough.

2) Clean the porch

You may clean your porch regularly, but many people also neglect to clean cracks, which is especially important because trapped organic material can lead to decay. The putty knife is the easiest way to scrape the material out of the crack.

Once the cracks are removed, the scrubbing can begin. There are two main schools of thought: high-pressure cleaning or manual cleaning. While high-pressure cleaning is certainly faster and easier, it can also damage the wood. A slow but safe method is to scrub the wooden porch by hand with a porch brush. If you are using an old porch sealer, you will need to use a porch skinner product to peel it off. If this is your first time cleaning the surface and you are not sure if the sealant is present, just drop some water on it. If it puddles instead of immersing itself in water, it indicates the presence of sealant.

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The first choice to kill mold on wooden porches is usually chlorine bleach, because it’s cheap, effective and available at almost every retailer and grocery store. However, recommendations to use biological agents such as chlorine bleach have recently been withdrawn. In addition to causing toxic environmental damage, bleach can penetrate deep enough into the forest and cannot penetrate mold roots, which means this is a temporary solution that must be constantly reapplied (and continue to damage the wood) as the mold grows back. Fortunately, there is a safer and cheaper alternative – hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen bleach (also known as sodium percarbonate) is a safer alternative to bleach that does not harm the wood.

The final step in handling the porch is to apply sealant or stains to make the surface both smooth and waterproof.

3) Maintenance Of Outdoor PVC Fence

The outdoor PVC fence will need the same cleaning and sealing procedure as above. If you want to build or repair porches, consider using only composite materials for railings. Composite railings are available in a variety of styles that match well with solid wood and not only reduce maintenance but also eliminate the possibility of decay and breakage.

As mentioned above, if the column is only swinging or loose, it can be stabilized very simply by adding a few bolts. However, if it ruptures or rots badly, it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, this is something you can easily do. The first step is to remove the handrail, which can be a simple matter of removing the screws or bolts. It is better to pry the nails with a pair of locking pliers or diagonal pliers and place a piece of the wood chip under the pliers to prevent scratching the surface of the wood. Instead of worrying about the nail breaking or being too deep to retrieve, just drill a guide hole next to the nail to install the new screw that covers the top of the nail. If you do not have a replacement rod handy, keep the old rod and install it on a piece of wood. You can then tailor it to your liking or ask someone else to cut it for you. Don’t forget to apply sealant or colorant as well!

Above is the maintenance of wooden porch need to pay attention to some of the issues, said so much or recommend you will choose wood plastic composite products, because it is really very comfortable to use, do not need too much maintenance. It’s a little more expensive to buy, but it will save a lot of maintenance costs.