Can I get garden railings that match the deck exactly? We often hear this question from prospective customers. Most manufacturers of vinyl (PVC) decking have balustrades that do not match their deck colors. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the color matching between products when made vinyl deck the outdoor environment of the family. As there may be some color deviation after purchase, some customers need their deck and railings to match. For aesthetic reasons, some people really like the combination of the railings and the PVC decking.

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So, about five years ago, craftsmen in our factory started working on a way to build beautiful, durable deck railings to match the deck we were using. We came up with a great custom deck balustrade that can be made using 1/2 thickness panel trim strips sold by all vinyl (PVC) floor manufacturers to match their floor mounting colors.

The most common pattern is to pair these railings with a black, bronze or white powder-coated outdoor floor. But we can also make matching 2-inch square columns. Keep in mind that this type of railing will be more expensive than regular vinyl deck railings. This is because given types require more materials and labor to build them. Therefore, when choosing products, we should give priority to the collocation between products to avoid the situation of product color collocation errors after the later installation.

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