In recent years, the home decoration industry has gradually become a hot industry, home decoration is loved by people. There is a vast development space in the home decoration industry, and the wood-plastic composite materials that can play a huge role also begin to develop rapidly.

The product development of any new material is bound to step into different scientific fields gradually from the traditional material technology and realize composite fusion. In this era of new materials emerging in large Numbers, wood plastic composite materials with the concept of “environmental protection, energy conservation” and its own special advantages, in recent years at home and abroad has been rapid development, application areas are expanding, the potential of products are constantly excavated, it can be said to be very lively.

Among them, the household material has four distinct characteristics.

First, the spread of standardized, modular and intensive processing methods

The development trend of interior decoration materials and home decoration industry is doomed to the participation and fusion development of various new materials. Interior decoration materials all develop and evolve from the way of manual, bulk, on-site production and processing to the way of factory standardization, modularization, intensification and on-site integrated installation. The development of wooden door, floor, wardrobe, cabinets and other products all testify to this. In the process of industrial, modular and intensive product development, the traditional material processing method, especially the plate material processing, has the congenital restriction.

The wood plastic material can realize complex surface extrusion and mass production; In the development of household products, it can realize the design and imagination of installation structure points that cannot be completed by the processing of traditional materials, and play an important role in promoting the evolution of household products from manual to the factory. In addition, the wood plastic material itself waterproof, anti-mildew a series of material characteristics, can certainly play the unique advantages.

Second, new concepts require strong support from new materials and products

New concepts such as household integration and smart home will be further developed in the next decade. Integrated decoration, online and offline O2O model will guide the development of the trend. Big data, industry 4.0 and others are all likely to promote the rapid progress of society and the market.

In such an era of development, wood plastic materials by the “environmental protection, waterproof, mould proofing, easy installation” and other characteristics of a wide stage. In such times of upheaval, it is urgent for new materials such as wood-plastic materials to play their part in the systematic development. Our company develops in recent years wooden model fast outfit wall top system to combine wooden door, wardrobe to make household to integrate development, momentum is unusual and swift and violent, also proved the need of this era.

Third, the strong appeal of environmental protection decoration

The environmental protection problem of adornment decorates is long-standing. With the improvement of the economic level and the attention from consumers’ consciousness, this is no longer an urgent issue. From the perspective of demand, this kind of strong demand has been enough to promote the mission of the business model. But the building material product that sells is mixed with true and false difficult to distinguish, cause a lot of consumers to fall into painful, angry and helpless in. This is due to insufficient national determination, insufficient policy, lax standards, inadequate supervision and a high degree of confusion between industry and real interests. In addition, some enterprises have poor self-discipline and take risks with the highest interests. We believe, however, that this mess will be vigorously curbed in the face of real needs and national attention.

The environmental protection of wood and plastic materials is incomparable to the density board, particleboard, joiner board and multi-layer board which are widely used in the household field. The environmental protection of wood – plastic under the current big background is the time to shine. But at the same time also requires wood plastic practitioners to create a real sense of green products, not a bit of sloppiness and slack. Let the market recognize “wood plastic equals environmental protection”, and continue to deepen this understanding. It can be said that “environmental protection is the lifeline for the sustainable development of wood-plastic composites”.

Fourth, the rapid development of the second decoration

Although most areas have developed to the ceiling stage, the home decoration industry is not completely in sync with the real estate industry, we expect: the decoration industry will usher in a new round of development upsurge — that is, “the rapid development of the second decoration”.

The demand characteristic of the second decoration is different from that of the first decoration, among which the fast, economic and environmental protection decoration cognition is the strong appeal of the second decoration, the wood plastic material can play a great role by virtue of its distinctive production characteristic and excellent material characteristic.

To sum up, the wood plastic material in the home decoration industry has a broad development space, can play its due role. The development of the mixture of wood-plastic materials and other materials and the building and construction of the whole system is the key to the great energy of wood-plastic materials. It is an important thought for the development of wood-plastic industry to break the narrow view of single industry development, to systematize construction and planning from a higher perspective, to integrate resources into the interdisciplinary development of The Times.