Since the wood-plastic products retain natural wood extremely rich texture textiles and beautiful wood grain, there is waterproof, flame retardant, ultraviolet light stability, good colosity, insulation, temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-mite, anti-mildew Change, its material products are easy to process, easy to make, not easy to deform, etc .; mechanical properties are superior to wood materials, cost performance is far exceeding plastics, aluminum alloy and other profiles, products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and industrial support; and 100% Utilization, is a real green environmental protection product. Now plastic wood is gradually emerged in various industries, with a new gesture to occupy great market share for more partners!

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly new building materials will have a great way to become new consumption hotspots and new economic growth points. New energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction sheets generally have excellent characteristics such as light, high strength, insulation, energy-saving, non-pollution. Unlike traditional chemistry or metal materials, new environmentally friendly building materials include natural materials, renewable materials.

Construction plastic wood pavilion needs attention

Plastic wood is also generally equipped with the following characteristics: First, it is to meet the functional requirements of building materials and take into account the aesthetic requirements of buildings. Second, there is a natural affinity to the natural environment, in line with sustainable development, does not have pollution and destructive. Save resources during use, do not produce harmful substances with the destructive environment in the production process, mitigate the load of the human living environment, and realize the recycling of non-regenerative resources. The third is to make it easy, healthy and comfortable for humans.

Plastic wood materials can also be recycled, which facilitates the reduction of resources waste and develop a circular economy. Compliant with the national industrial policy. The ecological wood plastic material can simulate the appearance of various wood decorative materials, and the manufacturing cost is less than one-third of the solid wood decorative material. Therefore, it can be loved by high consumers in the quality and can be accepted by mass consumers at the price.

The plastic wood outdoor pavilion has gradually entered a lot of people’s selection plans, how is the plastic outdoor pavilion? The problem of the plastic wood cool boat is cold, etc., to create a comfortable and pleasant plastic pavilion, it is important to choose the material, it is necessary to build a comfortable and pleasant plastic pavilion life, first, the functionality of the plastic pavilion must be guaranteed Comprehensive function, spacious space, good weather, flexible, ventilated effect, no odor, environmental protection, fashion, etc. of wood-plastic materials.

It can bring full sunshine and air freshness, and it can take the role of sunshade and cooling in the summer; it can ensure that the indoor temperature will not be too high, and the plastic wood material can also protect your private life from interference. Second, the decoration of the plastic wood garden pavilion is also worthy of attention, and the plastic wood products are environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled, the wood grain effect is approximately wood pattern, so you can fully feel the breath of nature. Plastic wood and villa are perfect, or you can also choose the wood-grained effect of natural plastic wood products when you create a plastic garden pavilion, and you can create a small feeling; if it is, the flower grass in the plastic garden pavilion is not Less embellishment, sunshine on the floor, raising several floral grass, help to create a private space in the room. Choosing plastic wood products will bring new life to your life.