The wood plastic composite materials in garden engineering have a variety of good properties. at present, wood plastic composite materials used in the walkway, landscape balcony, baluster, stair armrest, outdoor tables and chairs, flower beds, dustbins, signs, wooden pavilion, instead of the past these garden components of plastic, solid wood materials.

This wood plastic composite material has the following advantages:

1. With the same area of outdoor ground, when using wood, due to the uniform length and width of the wood, cutting should be combined with the size of the site, there will be a certain amount of material loss, while WPC hollow decking materials can be produced according to the size of the site, and the material loss is basically zero.

2. The strength of the wood with a thickness of 45mm is equivalent to the strength of the plastic wood composite material with a thickness of 25mm. Assuming that the wood demand of a site is 1m3, only 0.5m3 is needed when using the WPC hollow decking material.

3. In terms of structural form, the wood plastic composite material can be made into a hollow specification, which can not only enhance the strength of the material, but also reduce the weight of the material. 17.4% and 32.7% of the two types of wood plastic composite materials can be saved respectively. these wpc hollow decking advantages of wood and other materials can not be replaced.

4. Wood plastic composite materials do not need to be treated with paint or water-based paint, so as to effectively solve the problem of moth investor of wood materials in the garden environment. Its service life is about 10~50 years, which is far more than 3~4 times of the service life of ordinary wood. Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that the advantages of wood plastic composite materials in performance, cost and other aspects are worthy of our further promotion and application in garden engineering construction.

This paper takes the landscape bridge of a garden project as an example. The landscape bridge pavement and guardrail of this garden project are constructed with plastic and wood composite materials from the perspective of aesthetics and engineering. The construction effect is shown in the figure.

Construction Analysis of Wood Plastic Composite Materials in Garden Engineering