The ground material that people decorates a bedroom to like to use most now is the floor, no matter be firm and durable good aggrandizement floor that take care of, still be beautiful and easy foot feels good wood plastic composite decking, have large quantities of the consumer group. But the floor decoration industry can exist some problems, such as: how to maintain the floor? How to remove gum from the floor? How does wood plastic composite floor prevent insect? And so on. Let’s have a look at common floor questions and answers!

1. the floor has chromatic aberration phenomenon how to do?

Chromatism is the attribute that lumber exists originally, what chromatism refers to here is not on same board color depth is differ, the difference is very big, say in the whole ground after laying, however, tonal or deep or shallow, this is the slight difference that appears in lumber of same color. On the other hand, with the reduction of natural resources, wood plastic composite decking will inevitably be more and more less, in terms of increasing the use of wood this Angle, the same plant production of the same species of wood, the existence of a certain degree of chromatic aberration is a reasonable phenomenon. When wood model of choose and buy and wood plastic composite decking, should choose those prestige better brand, at the same time, still ought to decorate company shop outfit process to pay attention to very much.

2. How to maintain wood plastic composite decking in winter?

Wring dry cotton mop wipes wood plastic composite floor foot to feel comfortable, elegant atmosphere, but enter winter, encounter humidity, temperature wait for external environment to produce change when, can appear slightly deformation, craze wait for a phenomenon. Although the wood plastic composite decking of many brands is in moistureproof, prevent to be out of shape, prevent craze to wait for a respect to undertook a few improvement, but still need to be careful in use and maintain a process. Keep a certain temperature and humidity indoors. The temperature should be below 28℃, and the humidity should be kept between 50% and 70%, not less than 40%. In such external conditions, the wood plastic composite floor can be maintained in a relatively stable state. If natural humidity is not available, it is recommended to use a humidifier. Keep the floor surface dry and bright. Daily cleaning with wringing dry cotton mop wipe can; In case of stubborn solvent or gasoline and other organic solvents scrub. In the place that enters the door, had better lay a floor mat, prevent wooden floor to shrink, craze. The Foaming Agent in Wood Plastic Composite material

3. orange floor with what color sofa good-looking?

Can match the floor of a lot of kinds of color, basically according to the daylighting of your home, integral decorate a style to decide. If match cream-coloured, or is shallow apricot, do not match white or be yellow, too abrupt.

4. What factors affect the service life of the floor in household life?

Rain drench: woodiness floor is from essence be to hate water to be like classics rain drench, floor appearance will produce change color, crack wait for a phenomenon. Pay attention to prevent rain. Air conditioning, humidifier: the use of air conditioning for a long time, indoor air will become extremely dry, the floor is prone to stretch, and lead to floor gap and sound. Water: after the surface of the floor water, such as not timely treatment, will lead to the floor discolouration, water and cracks and other phenomena. Wipe and keep dry. White: after water drips to the floor, the surface of the floor will turn white. This is because the durability of floor wax is bad, floor wax is stripped from floor surface, produced the reason of diffuse reflection phenomenon. Oil: if the floor is not timely after oil treatment, will produce oil stains and discolouration and other phenomena. Should use cleaner, letter accept water to wait for careful wipe, hit wax next. Fan type heater: if floorboard is blown for a long time after hot wind, exterior coating can produce crack phenomenon, the floor also can shrink generation gap, should undertake to protect on mat on the floor. Pet: pet waste can cause alkaline corrosion to the wood, resulting in discolouration and stains on the floor. Medicament: if the floor is stained with chemicals, it should be promptly cleaned with detergent and water. After wiping, floor exterior burnish can reduce, should hit wax to maintain in time. Chair: in order to minimize bumps and scratches, in order to maintain the beauty of the floor, it is recommended to cover the chair foot pad or on the lower floor pad. Floor wax: should choose suitable floor wax. Before waxing, want to be in the corner of the room or other not marked place first, undertake small area try out to the floor, after confirming no problem begins again comprehensive waxing. Detergent: never use alkaline detergent. The composition in lumber can produce chemical reaction with alkaline material, bring about floor discolouration or generation mark is soiled. Wipe with a wrung cloth after using detergent. Dew: it is recommended to use dew proof toilet. After condensation, water can be immersed in the interface of the floor and groove, produce discolouration and mark stain. Heavy objects: piano, refrigerator and other heavy objects should be foxed under the plate for protection, to prevent excessive local pressure and lead to floor sag and scratch. Electric blanket: after electric blanket produces excessive heat conduction to the floor, can cause floor exterior to paint to produce chapped. A pad should be laid between the electric blanket and the floor for protection. Sunlight: after sunlight is point-blank, ultraviolet ray can make floor surface besmear produces crack. Curtains or blinds should be used to block out direct sunlight. Take a breath: just decorate good building, can from decorate data and furniture in loose send formaldehyde, soothe the eye or produce peculiar smell. Pay attention to ventilation. Pay attention to the dew after the drop do not drop on the floor. Co-Extrusion Decking Products

5. How do you get gum off the floor?

With these stains on the wood floor, cleaning is easy — oil. If it’s just a few, drizzle the oil on the spot, and the oil will seep in by itself. If it’s a lot of places, you need some “tricks.” Prepare a dry rag, pour over two tablespoons of cooking oil, and leave to dry until “damp but not wet”, wiping the floor as a whole. After wiping, put it into a plastic bag to save. Wipe again the next day until completely clean.

6. Wood plastic composite floor or ceramic tile for decoration?

On one hand, the floor gives a person a kind of comfortable feeling, with respect to the price character also is a bit cheap, in high-grade floor is more affordable than in high-grade ceramic tile price, construction is simple, free installation is the road that saves money, save effort. On the other hand, ceramic tile accords with the life rhythm of modern strain, more easy do, and environmental protection, service life is long, waterproof, anticorrosive performance is good, maintain simple. It is difficult to choose between the two. Here, we make comparison to the characteristic of floor and ceramic tile especially, hope can be helpful to your choice.

7. What does wood plastic composite floor maintenance need besides waxing?

Keep floors dry and clean and avoid contact with large amounts of water. Do not allow to be swabbed with caustic water, soapy water and other corrosive liquid, lest damage paint film, can use the pure cotton mop that wrings dry to wipe, cannot use wet mop, gasoline, flammable goods and high-temperature liquid to undertake to wipe. Make a wax every once in a while, time interval depends on floor lacquer surface finish and decide. The method is to clean the floor with a semi-dry cloth and wax it first. Want even ground daub is in the surface of the floor and make its “soak”, wait for a bit after dry with 1000 soft cloth to be wiped back and forth on the floor, until smooth and bright. If you accidentally pour water or miss water on the ground, you must promptly wipe clean with a dry soft cloth. Do not directly let the sun insolate or bake with electric oven after wiping clean, lest dry too quickly. The floor is dry and cracked. The floor after shop installs should reduce the sun to bask indirectly as far as possible, lest paint classics ultraviolet illuminate is too much in advance dry crack and ageing. Do not put cigarette butts or matches and other fire with things thrown on the floor, so as not to scorch the surface of the floor; Avoid sharp, sharp objects scratch and heavy items for a long time. If the floor of good shop does not live for a long time, need often open window ventilated, avoid to cover with plastic cloth or newspaper by all means. The film will become sticky and lose its luster over time. At the same time avoid by all means the object with very high temperature is contacted floor directly, if indoor air humidity is lower than 40%, need to increase temperature appropriately, if humidity is more than 100%, need to take platoon wet measure.

8. cork floor suits what place to use in the home?

Children room installs cork floor is a right choice, the flexibility of cork floor and warmth are other any ground shop installs material place cannot compare. Spread in the children’s room, little angel feet on the top will feel very comfortable. It won’t do much damage to the things that kids drop. In addition, little child falls carelessly, the shock-absorbing function of pliable cork floor can reduce the ache of little child.

9. How to clean the large area of oil on the floor?

Wooden floor, avoid to wipe directly with wet mop by all means, must wipe again after wring mop dry, avoid excessive moisture to permeate woodiness floor interior layer, cause the moldy, rotted situation. Usable plane type glue cotton mop, can be squeezed out very conveniently redundant water, recommend everybody to use once. Additional, wooden floor had better cooperate special floor cleaner undertakes cleanness, let the floor keep original wen run simple sense and natural primary color, do not have peculiar smell, still can prevent board dry crack. If want to avoid ligneous floor long-term trample is worn, often keep burnish bright beautiful, after the floor is cleaned, can go up again a woodiness floor wax maintains agent. Want to notice nevertheless: must wait for the floor completely after air – dry again wax, lest wax layer cannot adhere to woodiness floor completely, make the floor appears bit by bit instead white spot. Dry – clean with soap horn. A product specially designed to clean dirt on the surface of wood. The main ingredient is natural saponin.)

10. How to deal with damp floor?

The lightly damp floor can put in shady, ventilated place air is dry. Pay attention to can not hair dryer blowing, sun exposure, drying, this will accelerate the serious deformation of the floor, damage the surface. Damp floor deformation, swelling, blistering and other phenomena. After environmental recovery is good, the degree of defect can reduce, aggrandizement floor does not want essential oil to nurse, waxing to wait a moment, wood model floor had better also do not want to wax (except only body wood model), essential oil nurses, should undertake after the floor recovers (after 1-2 months commonly essential oil nurses again). Pool Decking Installation Project in Malaysia

11. the heavier the better, the harder the more stable?

This kind of statement is incorrect, be like a few stability good lumber to be like teak, pineapple case, nanmu to wait, their density is not tall, and density is high with the relation that quality is not necessarily proportional. Mahogany is mahogany, its density is tall not only, and decorative pattern is beautiful, lumber is exquisite and smooth, not be density tall can call good lumber.

12. how to remove the new house decoration floor pungent material taste?

Properly open the window on the top of the non-direct air dry wall for ventilation; Fill the container such as basin or small bucket with cold water, add appropriate amount of vinegar to put in the ventilated room next, open furniture door. Such already can right amount evaporate water to protect wall top coating surface, can absorb to eliminate residual peculiar smell again; If you can afford it, buy some pineapples and put a few in each room, or more in the larger room. Because pineapple is crude fiber kind of fruit, can rise to absorb paint flavour to be able to achieve to send out the faint scent taste of pineapple again already, quicken the speed that clears peculiar smell, had the effect that has the best of both worlds.

13. how should wood plastic composite floor encounter insect pest to deal with?

The most effective way that floor prevents insect, still want to keep the dry of floor and keel. Must choose the floor that moisture content accords with national standard and dragon aggregate. Southern popular spread lime moistureproof effect is better, but lime dust can pass the crack of the floor to float in the air, go against health. You can put a layer of bamboo charcoal on the ground. The floor that occupy the home wants to use a few years, because this when shop installs, close to live insect pest cannot allow to ignore.

14. How to fix the wood plastic composite floor?

In shop outfit process, the customer can supervise from the following respects. It is fixed above all, hold level wooden keel (keel should choose won’t give birth to a bug, all-around the plane, dimension 2 centimetres X4 centimetres, the moisture content is less than the wooden floor of 15% is special keel). Next is to drill hole to hit under the wood plug, hole distance 35 centimetres, fixed keel, with a horizontal ruler after the level of the spread of specific insect repellent agent, every 8 square meters -10 square meters of a box. Then spread the sumptuous special waterproof mat. The next step is to lay the floor. Want to achieve chromatism appropriate excessive, whole level off, to seam even, without the sound move.

15. wood floor shell is why?

1) unreasonable construction Do not understand the moisture content before floor paving and local city balance moisture content to blindly use the method of natural patchwork is the main reason that causes the floor arch, still have part of the ground humidity slants big in did not do any moisture-proof processing to pave the floor to cause the floor to absorb moisture excessively to form tile sheet arch. Treatment: open the floor and redo the ground moisture-proof treatment. 2) is the consumer use improper cause, generally concentrated in the use of no wringing dry wet cloth to wipe the floor or floor accidental water, resulting in excessive moisture absorption of the floor caused tile sheet arch. Treatment: press the ground with a heavy weight, after the floor is dry, avoid wiping the ground with a wet cloth. 3) when the floor is installed, the expansion joint reserved is not enough, when the change of climate causes heat to expand and cold to shrink, cause the floor to the arch. Treatment: open the foot line and increase the expansion seam.

16. Is it better to buy a big floor or a small floor?

Big board: with the bigger the price of single board area of the same species is higher, install in the home of course more show high-grade, atmosphere, suit Europe type to decorate commonly. Small board: if it is made with the edge of the big board, generally wide, more affordable than the big board, you buy this generally will not suffer losses, but if it is narrow and small, the general year is not long, more easy to expand cold shrinkage and deformation.

17. How about the moisture-proof effect of wood plastic composite floors?

Wood plastic composite decking is the most skin solid in the floor, because its bibulous force is not strong, still have below waterproof mat cut off, so, want not to be blister only won’t have a problem, but have water asperse go up, the word that the quantity is big is about to wipe in time dry.