Why choose wood plastic composite products

Ecological wood-plastic composites, a new type of decoration materials, in the modern society, we all advocate the naturalist today, very popular with consumers. Weekend Tour is to enjoy the idyllic scenery, In their own home, people also want to enjoy the idyllic fun. As a result, for the terrace, courtyard to add a different kind of fun, more waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-pollution and other properties of the re-mori ecological wood-plastic composite materials, it is loved by many consumers advocating freedom. Whether it is large and small fences, handrails, flower racks, pavilions, vineyards, or outdoor flooring, whether it is home small courtyard or park, villa, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-pollution ecological wood-plastic composite materials are promised not to deteriorate, will not be brittle, become a choice for many consumers.

What are the characteristics of wood-plastic composite products

Eco wood plastic composite rustic and beautiful texture and soft and cordial colour, not only make your home appear to be extraordinary taste but also to your terrace, courtyard to add a different kind of elegance. Ecological wood-plastic composites not only maintain the advantages of solid wood: beautiful texture, soft color, can effectively reduce the reflection of sunlight, absorption of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, but also overcome the anti-corrosion wood drum, upturned and other defects, increase the excellent performance of many solid wood, warm in winter and cool in summer, with the effect of regulating temperature, and has a good drainage and ventilation, rainwater can flow from the floor gap into the ground to the industrial application and design aesthetics of the category, so that our home more a touch of romantic interest in the heart. Ecological wood-plastic composites can effectively remove natural defects of natural wood, with waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, termite protection functions. At the same time, because the main components of the product are wood, shredded wood and slag wood, texture and solid wood, can nail, drill, grind, saw, planer, paint, not easy to deform, cracking. Unique production processes and technologies can reduce the loss of raw materials to zero. Seven Trust Ecological wood-plastic composites have outstanding environmental protection functions, can be recycled, almost do not contain harmful substances to the human body and toxic gas evaporation.