According to the different applications, the production of the wood plastic composite decking plate is usually divided into three types: hollow, solid and structural. New Fast High - Rise Installation Hollow boards can be used on trestle surfaces with small loads and on fences. Ordinary solid wood plastic composite decking boards can be used on heavy loads. The use of wood in the production of wood plastic composite material panels also has certain limitations, such as the treatment of temperature and moisture content issues. However, compared to other base materials, such as minerals, it reduces the wear and tear of the equipment used to process and treat the plates. Compare with traditional woodwork, WPC still has a lot of advantages as follows: according to need optional coating water resistance is strong and durable, won’t easily bend, break and break the WPC itself that makes with recycled material still can be recycled, belong to environmental protection material to have the processing capacity that is the same as WPC maintenance workload is low. The disadvantage is that compared with other materials, the board with higher production costs is about twice as heavy as wood. The density of wood plastic composite decking board is 0.95-1.46, while the density of solid wood is 0.35-0.59. Wood content determines the wood plastic composite decking board corrosion resistance, that is, the more wood content, the higher the degree of corrosion. Compared with the production of pure wood products, its shortcomings reflected in the following aspects of energy consumption is higher than the use of ultraviolet radiation when the structural materials will reduce the service life. In order to ensure that wood plastic composite decking panels meet the standards of use and user requirements, the selection and preparation of raw materials become very important. Appearance and Price of Wood Plastic Composite Decking Products It is important to note that no particular material is specified as a necessary ingredient for wood plastic composite decking panels. The selection of raw materials must be determined by availability, economic factors and market demand for the product. For example, the polymer of the wood plastic composite decking can be high or low density polyethylene or polypropylene, and the wood can be wood powder or fiber of different materials. But the stability of wood and plastics is important, such as cleanliness, physical properties and moisture content. The technical problems of using clean raw materials and used raw materials to produce wood plastic composite decking panels will be different, because the performance of raw materials is greatly affected by the type, waste disposal and degree of old and new.