After the concept and products of wood plastic composite material were brought into the domestic market, they were valued by some companies and consumers, and then wood-plastic products emerged in the building materials market. The main wood plastic materials in China are divided into PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic.


Advantages of PE wood plastic:

PE wood  plastic composite material has excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, easy to change buckling under heat, but the use of thickened or porous hollow structure effect is good.

Disadvantages of PE wood plastic:

1. Limited life span for outdoor use of products; Current 3-5 years; 2. The anti-oxidation and anti-photodecomposition ability is poor, even if the addition of anti-oxygen agent and UV reference agent, the effect is not very ideal, but also affect the product strength and color fastness; 3. The product’s appearance color is pure, without wood feeling, and the apparent effect is poor.


Advantages of PVC wood plastic:

1.PVC wood-plastic products can be made with new materials or old materials (while PE with new materials costs too much, so the products cannot enter the market), and it is easier to modify, the amount of supplement depends on the quality of production; 2. PVC can be made into low-foaming wood-plastic products, so that the cost is lower, if appropriate, co-extrusion form (double-material multi-material co-extrusion or steel-plastic co-extrusion) can be used, the strength and wood texture are good; 3.PVC can be reprocessed into a variety of exterior decoration or paint covering UV paint, making the product good-looking and with good color fastness; 4. The waterproof and anticorrosive property of PVC wood-plastic products is also excellent.

The difference between PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic

(1) different methods: the preparation of PE wood-plastic products mainly adopt the cold push method; The preparation of PVC wood-plastic products can be divided into vacuum forming, cold push method and three-roll suppression. Different raw materials: PE wood-plastic materials are mainly secondary, tertiary PE recycled materials with wood powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier. PVC wood-plastic manufacturing materials are mainly PVC resin powder, PVC recycled materials, wood powder, stone powder and part of the modifier and so on. (3) different properties: PE wood-plastic products are heavy, high hardness, brittleness, creep is also big. PVC wood-plastic products are light in weight, poor in hardness, good in toughness, with creep, not as big as PE wood-plastic products. (4) different USES: PE wood plastic composite material products are mainly outdoor garden construction, green wood such as guardrail, floor, garbage, flower pool, tray and so on. PVC wood-plastic products are mainly indoor decoration materials, such as doors, floors, kicking lines, door cover and so on.