With the acceleration of urbanization, the construction of urban public building environment is also booming. Public seats and the box is the important part in the whole public building environment facilities, public seating is provided to people to rest, talk to the function of entertainment, and flower box plays a maintains public environment clean, comfortable and the important role of good appearance, but also embodies the urban civilization. So for the public environment seats and flower box design is of great importance, especially in the process of design and use of the important thing is the selection of materials, the selection of materials for the seat and the service life of the flower boxes and user experience has a vital role. At present, plastic-wood composites have been widely used in various fields due to their excellent properties.

There are several common types of public seats, such as bar seat, single square seat, circular seat, single concave seat, multi-concave seat and arc seat. Different types of seat its suitable occasion and function are different, such as the Chanel type consists of two strip block, two bar seats to 90 °, is suitable for small groups of two or more to communicate, and will not block the traffic; The multi-concave seat can be regarded as consisting of a number of single concave seats, which are suitable for the park and other spacious, tourist-heavy places to find a place for the exchange and rest of many small groups. The combination arrangement method, which combines different types of seats together to form a group arrangement, shows a relatively relaxed atmosphere.

At present, plastic wooden flower boxes appear more and more frequently in people’s vision, and the wood plastic flower boxes used in green on both sides of municipal roads are colourful. Flower box, with natural lifelike performance, add grumous artistic flavour to the whole city. Change the traditional individual plant were plant the integrated plant, with integral aesthetic feeling, create the elegant atmosphere of visual, and can be combined with the local traditional culture to design, to increase affinity.

As people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, the increasingly rising clamour for the protection of forest resources, the use of plastic wood material to replace the previous wood, used the plastic wood flower box surface not ooze water, do not fade. Resistant to acid and alkali is the main substitute of environmental life in the future.

The plastic wood flower box has excellent performance:

Texture – compared to metal, stone, glass and other materials, wood has an excellent visual and tactile texture.

Good insulation – wood is one of the better electrical insulation materials because of its poor conductivity.

High strength – plastic wood has a higher ratio of strength to weight and is stronger than some metals.

High machinability – easy to saw, planer, nail, soft and hard, easy to process.

Decorated well – natural wood grain, beautiful and full of ecological atmosphere, is a rare natural decorative material.

Thermal insulation – the thermal conductivity of plastic wood is very small, the flower box is much higher than most materials thermal insulation, the energy-saving value is very high.

Public environment seat and pleasant flower box design in meet the scale and under the premise of the best material selection, the selection of materials for the seat and the service life of the box and the user experience has a vital role. The plastic wood composite has many advantages, such as stable thermal performance, good corrosion resistance, strong microbial degradation resistance and not easy to absorb water and water. Therefore, the selection of wood plastic composite materials in the design of seats and flower boxes in public environment has a broad market prospect.