As a deck builder, there will be some difficulties for some time, before the arrival of winter I never seemed to take enough time to give me the deck of the do a good hollow decking cleaning. so if you like me, when spring is finally coming, ice and snowmelt, your deck it really needs a serious clean. That’s when you’ll need a lot of cleaning tools, and trust me, you’ll remember to clean the hollow decking the next time winter comes.

Outdoor Hollow Decking Cleaning

If you are installing a composite deck with leaves and dirt on it, pressure cleaning may not be enough. I once successfully used a detergent to clean the hollow decking. It is a granular detergent mixed with warm water. Though I forgot the name, it really applies to almost any type of decoration, including composite materials and vinyl PVC decking. Hollow Decking Build Case I remember it was available in many hardware stores and was very easy to use. My usual practice is to mix the detergent as suggested on the package, brush it all over the deck, and then wash it off with an electric scrub. This allows the cleaner to sit on the deck for a while and remove stubborn stains. You don’t need a pressure washer, you can hose clean the deck if you want, although the pressure washer will do better. If you have a vinyl PVC decking, then you need a really heavy-duty cleaner, go to and some professional drainage cleaner outlets to buy the right cleaning products. It comes in a spray bottle, usually three to four pieces of wood plastic at a time, and is then painted on the hollow decking outside and then again later. Again, do this for the entire deck and then power clean it. If you are interested in looking for suitable hollow decking products, we sincerely welcome you to come to consult. here you can find satisfactory products.