If you are looking for something that sets your floor apart from the rest of the deck nearby, then a garden pergola is a good choice. They can also provide a large number of shadows depending on their configuration. If your new pergola will get a lot of suns, you may want to consider adding a canopy below to maximize the shadow. Of course, you can also plant some vines for a more natural environment. Most people usually install 2 types of pergolas, cedar or vinyl. Wooden outdoor pergolas are a good alternative to some products, but we recommend vinyl as an alternative because vinyl pergolas are less costly to maintain and more porous and easier to install. Vinyl trellis is available in white and tan. Canopies can be installed on any type of pergola and are available in a variety of colors. https://diyonlinemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Build-a-Beautiful-Garden-Pergola.jpg Most of the cost of the garden pergola is material related. Building a wood plastic pergola can make a real difference, for example, in how many crosses you choose. The more cross-pieces you choose, the more shadows you will have, but the price will be higher. Fewer bars means less labor, less material, and less cost… But there are fewer shadows. The wooden outdoor pergola is almost half the price of the vinyl pergola, but as the reviewer once said: “do you really want to dye the entire pergola every year? Not to mention you’re going to pour it.” The owner will also explain: “the pavilion of the price in per square foot than wooden shed some more expensive price, but the late maintenance and installation costs will be lower than the wooden canopy, and vinyl garden pergola maintenance more convenient, use for a long time or more recommend the vinyl type of outdoor pergola, so the price will be higher. Please feel free to contact us when you want to purchase a pergola, we have more information and ideas about the garden pergola.