Sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are household to decorate “individual custom-made” fixed standard, this makes the person imperceptibly oversight the 5th space in the home — balcony. No matter be the space of small family is used, still, enter the blend of the garden of the door, the balcony has become a house important one part. If you put some thought into decorating here, I think you can let your friends and family shine. Balconies can also be customized. The change of the design of different style and function, make the balcony is toward household “fast used” the trend is changed.
Functionalization is the trend
According to traditional thinking, the balcony is the place that clotheslines and piles sundry only, and now the balcony begins to be blended in the bedroom in every possible way by people, gym, reading corner, rest… In this bedroom and outdoors the most adjacent space, suit very to become the space that people releases ego heart.
Wooden balcony becomes reality
Wooden flooring is very common indoors, especially in rooms, more and more people like wooden floors, with the unique warm feeling of wood, and other materials are difficult to overcome, which is why the fairy tale world is talking about wooden cabins instead of small brick houses. Why is the balcony almost all ceramic tile or decorative board now? It’s not that people don’t want to, but that ordinary logs can’t stand the sun and rain outside. One of the highlights of the custom balconies is to build the floor with wood plastic materials, which has a natural wood appearance and is more than 40% cheaper than the original wood. The plastic wood flooring on the balcony adornment can be well integrated with the household of all sorts of styles. For instance, now a lot of balconies are linked together with the bedroom, after the balcony is installed on the floor, more be like the extension of wood floor in the bedroom, make the bedroom has the integral feeling more, won’t have before wood and brick are detached so apparently.