One of the common questions we have about quality vinyl fence products is whether vinyl fence and PVC fence are the same things. Literally, yes, a vinyl fence is the same as a PVC fence – but it’s not. Read on to learn about the differences and what makes our vinyl fence products unique.

What is PVC?

If you’ve worked on any home improvement projects, you’re probably familiar with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a common formulation for vinyl and can be used in many areas, including plumbing, construction, electrical insulation, etc. PVC has many advantages, including high weight ratio, low production cost and long service life.

Are PVC Fence Same As Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences use PVC as the main ingredient, although some fences also use it in combination with other vinyl preparations, including polyvinyl acetate (the main component of wood glue) and polyacrylonitrile (a common acrylic fibre). This has led many in the fence industry to use the terms “vinyl” and “PVC” vaguely.

However, it is not accurate to call a vinyl fence a “PVC fence” because it contains more than just PVC. At Seven Trust, we use a combination of special materials to make vinyl that can be used together to create a durable, durable fence.

Are All PVC Fences The Same?

Because the vinyl fences are all made of the same basic chemicals, you might think they’re all basically the same product. The reality is that vinyl fences vary widely in terms of quality, even more than wood fences do. If you want a quality vinyl fence, you need to make sure you’re buying from a company you can trust.

The Vinyl Fence Along The Path To The Garden

Our vinyl combines raw PVC resin with many special additives, including: Uv inhibitors prevent solar radiation from fading, silting, and other damage. Impact modifier makes vinyl material more durable and damage-resistant. A stabilizer that maintains a uniform vinyl composition and helps it resist temperature changes. High-quality dyes and colourants can create rich, vibrant colours that match or stand out in your home.

Get a Quality Vinyl Fence For Your House

Want to know more about our vinyl fence products and how they can improve your home? Call us and Seven Trust can provide you with the best offer and experience for PVC fence installation.