The rapid development of wood plastic composite materials, on the one hand, because of its material characteristics determines the necessity of replacing traditional materials, on the other hand, is based on the market development space. With the improvement of social living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on their living environment. In the family is decorated, of outdoor space and garden decorate more and more the attention that gets everybody, the tradition is decorated be to use glazed face brick, pottery and porcelain to wait to undertake shop outfit commonly, to waterproof with benefit clear. And in contemporary adornment, regression nature has become a kind of vogue gradually, more and more people, like to decorate a ground with wooden floor. We know, outdoor space is the easiest moisture and easily dry, want outdoor space to also do the shop of wooden floor to install, be about to notice the density of wooden floor and waterproof function more, make sure wooden floor is below the premise of being affected with damp be affected with damp be out of shape not easily, become warped etc. In last few years, the floor of wood of model of the family outdoor ground shop is more general, because the wood model has waterproof the characteristic that moistureproof, anticorrosive prevent to be out of shape, use the wood model floor to decorate in the floor outdoor, solved these problems undoubtedly. Wood plastic products not only can make indoor metope, setting wall, ceiling decoration materials, at the same time, because of the wood plastic products waterproof moisture resistance, weatherability, bibulous rate is low, anti-corrosion, not easy to deformation, environmental protection and other characteristics, can be applied to wood plastic floor, walls, ceiling, bathroom sink, bathroom cabinet, etc., used in outdoor ground wood plastic floor, weaken the glazed tiles, ceramic floor tile of cold and cold feeling, give people the feeling of sweet elegance, be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape not easily and wood plastic products, maintenance is very convenient. Wood model floor not only can be used at the domestic bathroom but also can be used at the place such as the centre of swimming pool, bath, bathroom, aquarium, also can apply to the environment such as the plank road of the balcony, balcony, landscape.

Environmentally friendly and durable wood-plastic outdoor decorative floor

The biggest advantage of wood model furniture itself is environmental protection, relative to other use space, outdoor environment humidity is big, the temperature difference value is high. This puts forward higher requirements on the water-resistance and high-temperature resistance of wood-plastic decorative products, especially the dimensional stability in the hot and humid environment and the wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance of high-frequency components (such as floors and seats). In addition, in order to improve durability, the connection mode between wood-plastic composite parts in the outdoor environment, and the connection mode between wood-plastic composite parts and other material parts will be the focus of future research on wood-plastic furniture products.

Anti-skid Safe Outdoor Waterproof Wood-Plastic Flooring

Safety is the first consideration of all human activities. In the outdoor space, the current floor furniture will be safe attention on the anti-skid performance, especially the ground because of contaminated debris caused users to slide. The anti-skid for wood-plastic decorative furniture is the basic safety, its future security will be mainly reflected in the stronger furniture structure integrity and higher stability, especially in the bathroom environment long-term use process parts will not be separated from the whole; In terms of detail design, more rounded corners, sharp corners and holes will be used to avoid children from digging their hands into them, so as to provide reliable guarantee for users to use outdoor space safely.

Beautiful Personality Can Be Customized Wood Plastic Products

In the future, wood-plastic outdoor furniture will pay more attention to the development of new products for different users, so as to meet more humanized and personalized needs. Personalized mainly reflected in the household space type of plastic wood bathroom furniture, according to different ages, different aesthetic demand of users, wood plastic outdoor decoration furniture in provide clean, comfortable and fine material texture at the same time, through material surface treatment technology (colour, texture, design, decoration) provides different visual feeling, let everyone can feel the warmth and beauty of the environment. Through the floor that buys Shanghai Seven Trust series can be tested get, the wood model floor is in a lot of times it is to want to last longer than real wood material, good resistance to corrosivity and comfortable foot feeling can let you be at ease decorate, provide perfect decorate space.