The wood-plastic material is also the wood-plastic interior decoration material in the mouth of the professional. It is a new decorative profile which is made by mixing natural wood powder and plastic as raw materials. It has wall hanging board, wood plastic board, Yang corner line, L border bar, Baseboard, sound-absorbing panels, equipment, etc., rich in colour texture, to meet the individual needs of different customers. The wood-plastic interior decoration material has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, termite-proof and flame retardant, environmental protection (no formaldehyde, benzene compound release), no cracking, no deformation, etc. It is convenient to construct and can be made into various decorations according to the construction design drawing. The landscape is suitable for home decoration as well as for libraries, reading rooms, conference rooms, offices, hotels, bars, cafes, karaoke bars and other places. Its biggest advantage is that it can be changed to any shape and size according to the needs. Through additives, plastics can undergo polymerization, foaming, solidification, modification and other changes, thereby changing the density, strength and other characteristics of wood-based materials, and can also meet special requirements such as anti-ageing, anti-static, and flame retardant. It is also easy to recycle and truly green. Nowadays, ecological plastic wood materials can not only be used as floor panels, but also can be used as the sunshade in some sunshade buildings, and gradually evolve into independent sunshade products.