Recently, the topic of villa garden design has become more and more popular. Villa garden and its design are not a kind of “instant fixed” thing, but a combination of horticulture, architecture and art. The materials of the garden villas are changing with the development of technology. In recent years, WPC products have been widely used in the garden villa wall panel, solid decking, balcony, terrace, doors and Windows, outdoor fence, indoor and outdoor decoration and so on. Usage and characteristics of wood plastic composite products
Usage and characteristics of wood plastic composite products
Wood plastic composite decking product can create a romantic architectural atmosphere according to individual needs in terms of color, pattern and texture. WPC products retain the texture and beautiful grain of natural wood with great vitality, and at the same time, they are waterproof, flame retardant, UV light stability, good coloring, heat insulation, insulation, temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, moth-proofing, mildew resistance, and their material products are easy to process, easy to make, and not easy to be deformed. Mechanical properties than wood materials, cost-effective far beyond plastic, aluminum and other profiles.
Ecological garden wood plastic products
Products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration and industrial supporting, and can be 100% reused, WPC product has light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, pollution-free and other excellent characteristics. Different from traditional chemical or metal materials, it is a renewable material and a real green environmental protection product. Ecological garden wood plastic products
Landscape wood plastic composite products design layout
The design style of the villa garden landscape is related to the architectural style and the use of materials, which cannot be designed independently from the architecture. Adhere to the functional use, in the premise of beautiful environment, the layout of facilities and places to meet the requirements of various functions, provide a good space for rest, communication.
Landscape WPC products market sales scope
WPC products are now gradually applied in villa garden, occupying a large market share with a new attitude, becoming a new consumer hotspot and a new economic growth point. The new type of energy saving and environmental protection building plate is generally characterized by light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving and no pollution. Wood-plastic products do not use structures or materials with obvious artificial traces. Although the design pursuit is artificial, but the product is like the realm of heaven, even if must be built hard structure, can also use materials to make it into the surrounding environment. Landscape WPC products market sales scope
The garden building adopts the style of wood plastic composite products
Most gardens have both regular and natural features. This is the hybrid garden. There are three kinds of forms of expression. One is the natural layout of the elements of rules. The second kind is the regular layout of natural elements. The third type is the natural connection between regular hard structures and natural soft elements. WPC product materials can fully meet the requirements of aesthetic perception in design. These beautiful appearances with high-tech environmental protection inside the wood to build house, furniture is well-found facilities, everything from the bedroom, the hall to the swimming pool, but adornment style still keep the traditional style, clean wood grain, sending out the light fragrance, wen wan buff the villa environment rendering is particularly warm, villa garden will naturally, heavy, traditional and modern temperament has good performance.