Wood plastic composite materials with thermoplastic processability, namely easy to shape, and have secondary machining, such as wood can be cut, glue, paint, not afraid to eat by moth, ageing resistance, low water imbibition, can reuse and recycling, etc, are widely used in social each industry, at present, the wood plastic composite decking forming typical product has the following kinds: (1) construction products Wood plastic composite materials has a certain mechanical strength, and moisture-proof, anticorrosive, mildew proof. Wood plastic composite materials can make all sorts of color according to requirement, the surface also can make wood grain and other all sorts of adornment design, become adornment material. It is the above characteristics that make wood-plastic composites widely used in building engineering. For example, wood-plastic doors and Windows, escalators, blinds, floors, etc. Application of Wood Plastic Composites Decking (2) railway sleeper At present, the amount of wood plastic composite material used in railway sleeper manufacturing is not large, but it is a rapidly rising application field. How to further reduce the cost of wood plastic composite decking products has become the key to the application of wood plastic composite railway sleeper. (3) auto parts In recent years, advantages of wood plastic composite decking board with its reasonable price and appropriate performance, in the car interior decoration material application increases, such as the car door plate, seat, bearing floor feeding 1. A large American company used wood plastic composite materials made by German technology to make car door panels, reaching four-star crash level. Others such as instrument floor, shelf, load-bearing floor and cab back have been tested. (4) logistics industry Pallet is an important tool in logistics industry at present, its kind has plastic pallet, wooden pallet, metal pallet, paper pallet, etc. At present, pallets are widely used, and wooden pallets greatly reduce their market share due to export quarantine problems. New wood plastic composite decking pallet, can reduce the cost of materials, and corrosion resistance better than wood, so it has a strong competitive advantage. Wood Plastic Composites Material products (5) other aspects Flower box, bathtub, agricultural greenhouse support and barrel, fishing sampan, aquatic products box, teaching supplies, gun butts, rackets, skis, golf clubs, seats, backrest, rack, wardrobe, water recreation rowing, outdoor fence and handrails, stage supplies and a variety of models.