WPC flooring is the most widely used outdoor, because it is waterproof and corrosion – resistant. Now people’s environmental protection consciousness is relatively strong, the wood plastic floor itself is a very environmentally friendly floor. Its service life is relatively long, but also relatively safe and environmental protection. 1, The wood plastic composite decking is both wood and plastic characteristics, so it is not only better waterproof performance, moistureproof performance is also very excellent. In this way, the problem that traditional wooden products are perishable after encountering water can be well solved. Advantages of WPC Flooring for Balcony Decoration 2, There are many colors of wood plastic flooring. It has the texture and texture of natural wood. 3, wood plastic floor plasticity is relatively strong. When we use it, we can make it into the shape we like. You can also do the processing by yourself and cut it into the shape you need. 4, WPC decking is also very environmentally friendly products. The wood model floor is a kind of pollution-free, pollution-free floor, it does not contain benzene in the middle, and the content of formaldehyde is only 0.2. Wood plastic flooring is Europe’s top environmental standard. We can also save on the amount of wood we use in the manufacturing process. Effective protection of the natural ecological environment. 5, its fire performance is also very excellent. Fire protection level B1. That is to say, it can be put out automatically after encountering an open flame. And it doesn’t produce harmful gases. 6, if you are using wood plastic composite decking, then you will definitely need to install. The installation of Wood plastic floor is relatively simple, there is no complex construction process. This can also help us save installation time and cost. 7, when we successfully installed, there is no need for special maintenance and maintenance, and clean up is relatively convenient. The Installation Method for Wood Plastic Composite Decking
The Installation Method for Wood Plastic Composite Decking
1, Preparation before the construction of wood plastic floor, ensure that the concrete base of the construction site is flat before construction. This is very important, hope everybody does not want to save trouble, reluctance construction, can cause some unnecessary losses otherwise. 2, keel center distance control between 310-410mm, keel end butt joints need to leave about 10mm spacing, easy to drain, at the same time to do keel row and row between the end of the seam staggered, not in a straight line. Keel spacing allowance error 3, if the construction site basic floor construction conditions are poor, can not achieve the overall structure stability, use steel keel instead of wood plastic keel, the use of galvanized steel, welding links to remove welding slag after rust treatment. 4, The size of floor splicing gaps shall be reasonably determined according to the temperature and humidity of the environment, the length of the floor, the moisture content of the floor and the specific conditions of the laying area. WPC flooring is a new environment-friendly WPC decking product. In the process of production and high-density fibreboard, the lignanol produced is added to recycled plastic and made into WPC composite material through granulating equipment, and then made into WPC flooring by extrusion production group. At the same time, it has wood sense and plastic water resistance and anti-corrosion characteristics, making it become a kind of outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building materials with excellent performance and very durable. Because wood plastic composite decking has both the characteristics of water resistance, corrosion resistance and wood texture, it becomes a kind of outdoor building materials with excellent performance and very durable; Also can replace the port, wharf and other use of wood components, but also can be used to replace wood production of various packaging, pallets, warehouse backing board and so on too numerous to enumerate, the use is very wide.