Vinyl PVC decking composites are the latest flooring types on the market. We’ve been using good beta versions for years. It sounds a lot like some old composite flooring, wrapped in a vinyl shell. The biggest advantage of using a PVC decking material on a deck is that it will absorb heat better than composite decking. Initially, many people were concerned about the separation of vinyl from the complex. After using the panel ourselves and looking at the manufacturer’s test results, I believe these concerns are unfounded. Vinyl PVC decking has good stability and corrosion resistance, and not easy to burn. Outdoor PVC Decking Products Vinyl PVC decking composite flooring is ideal for your new deck. Especially if you have southern scenery and are worried about the heat. Where PVC decking panels tend to reflect heat and where it is difficult to walk barefoot, the composite core absorbs heat from the surface, reducing reflection and making the surface temperature more comfortable. It’s as easy to clean as PVC, but softer, so it might be easier to scratch. So relative to PVC decking maintenance to slightly some difficulty. Advantages: darker color, lower maintenance cost, colder touch Cons: softer shell, most expensive decoration, fewer color options For PVC decking material options, please feel free to contact us if you are interested or go to our PVC decking model list to see the styles you like and ask for detailed pricing information.