Le Zigoto – Montreal Cafe, bohemian chic

Le Zigoto is a mellow refuge from the buzz of one of Montreal’s busiest streets – Avenue du Parc.
City life is quickly forgotten as you are soothed by the gentle nod to gypsy / bohemian life.
Owner Laurance Chediac works hard to deliver a passionate cafe experience, successfully combining good wholesome food infused with the works of local artists.
Le Zigoto serves fair trade coffees and home cooked meals that go the extra mile. Ingredients such as Genoa and Calabrese salami, goat cheese, fresh herbs, hummus and country bread are served daily.

How to Get the Look

Earthy yet refined, a perfect complement to the natural wood furnishings. Fabrics from C+M Textiles, Montreal.

Le Zigoto is a treasured community cafe, weaving art expositions and concerts into daily cafe life.
Some of the featured artists include Marcel Mueller – Montreal photographer
and below, Tyler K. Rauman – Montreal poster artist


le Zigoto`café
5731 ave. du Parc
MTL., Quèbec
(514) 867-9005


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